Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cause For Concern.

(1) In our last six games against teams leading their respective divisions (Cubs, Mets), we're 0-6.   More disturbingly, when we weren't getting blown out, we were making inexcusable mistakes (Kendall's error last night, Weeks throwing away the double play ball against the Cubs, Sheets melting down) that pissed the game away.

(2) Two games in a row, two brain locks by Yost.  Why, exactly, did he not order that Torres walk Endy Chavez with men on first and third and nobody out?  You have a sinkerball pitcher on the mound.  Don't you want to get a grounder to an infielder and have the force play at home?  Torres hasn't struck anybody out in the last month.  Please don't tell me we were expecting it in that spot.

(3) When's the last time Prince got a big hit?  He's frozen pizza right now.

(4) Don't look now, but the 'Stros are 73-66 and streaking, only 7 games back in the wild card and taking it to the Cubs.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I want to know why Torres was back in the game for a second inning. We have a ton of pitchers in the pen now, why not go with Chuckie New Town or McClung. Now we can't have Torres for today's game when we might actually need to come in and close a game.

I agree...we seem like we are a little league team when we play teams "better" than us.

The thing that sucks the most is we threw away so many chances last night...first inning 2nd and 3rd 1 out hart, cammy strike out. Weeks in the 10th was half foot from winning the game. Weeks, Hardy getting thrown out on the bases...the mets outfielders are fast as hell and have great arms we can't be giving away outs. Oh and dinosaur arms Weeks. Catch the fucking ball (and nicer thrown would have been nice Kendall) and don't worry about getting taken out by Reyes. We get that out and that sac fly is the 3rd out of the inning.

I don't want to have to use up our nice cushion we have now, but you are right, Astros might be right we might need to be more concerned with the Astros that we are with the Cards. And that damn Phillies series keeps getting bigger and bigger.

But we got to win today and take 3 out of 4 this weekend.

Devil's Threesome said...

I'm not that concerned. Win today, 3 of 4 from SD, 2 of 3 from CIN and we good to go. The Philly series does scare me a bit, but as long as we win 1 or 2 there, we'll be fine.
You guys are actually concerned about Houston? They are 7 games back - they can't continue to be this hot.
Maybe my sights are set too low, but all I want is a playoff team, I am under no illusions that we'll advance in the playoffs.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I just want to wrap up this playoff spot as soon as possible because the later we wait in September the more heartbreaking/painfull it potentially could be.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I don't really fault Weeks that much on that catch. With all of the wrist/arm/hand problems he has had I wouldn't want a speedy Reyes taking my arm off either. He should have run harder on that almost double though. That Kendall/Weeks play was a tough one.

The Astros do this every year, but this year I believe they started too late. We don't play them at all, so I'm not too worried. I did point out their hot streak coming a couple weeks ago though to my co-workers.

I think we'll play the Mets in the first round. CC can take Santana hopefully but Sheets will lose game 2 (if his vagina is still together at that point). This team will be so amped for game 3 here that we'll win it. We'll drop game 4 and it all comes down to CC in game 5. Or CC in game 4 and Sheets in game 5. I just got excited about this whole thing again. (Who am I kidding. That won't happen and Sheets can't pitch on that short of rest.)

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Oh and by the way...I always invisioned Brad Neslon to be more like Jeff Kent, not the state puff marshmallow man. Oh my god what a fat ass! I thought his shot was gone last night...looked like the ball wasn't carrying very good because of the thick humid air!

EMoney said...

Weeks continues to disappoint in all aspects of the game (even though he had 4 hits last night). Kendall got the error, but weeks needs to haul that one in at that point in the game and season. I also am sick and GD tired of Prince. For what is advertised as a good cleanup hitter, he sure doesn't drive in the runs when they are out there for the taking. He continues what has been a long line of players that don't know how to produce good at bats in key situations under the Ned Yost regime. Players constantly swing away at the first pitch even when they are out of the zone and even when the pitcher has just walked guys ahead of them. Take some pitches for christs sake. In the first last night, we put the pressure immediately on a guy pitching in his debut. Weeks goes yard, followed by two walks. What does prince do? Swings away immediately and hits a week as grounder into a double play. If Prince is the leader that he thinks he is, he can start by not kicking the crap out of our pitchers (I don't care what they say to him), having more consistently good at bats, and coming up in the clutch. If he still thinks that he is a 120 million dollar man, he is absolutely nuts. If I'm Melvin/Attanasio, I offer him the same thing that they did last year, ie. Braun money. If he still turns it down, I hope we trade his ass. 30hr, .270 avg, 90 rbi, horrible fielding 1st basemen are a dime a dozen in this league. Package him with Weeks and I imagine we can get something pretty decent.....maybe starter/bullpen help. Bring Escobar up to replace Hardy at short, move Hardy to 2nd, and use 1 of our 5-6 1st rounders next year on a heavy hitting 1st baseman (too bad LaPorta is no more). Once we lose Sheets and Sabathia I imagine we are going to take a step back anyway so continue to build around Braun, Hardy, Hart, Escobar, Gallardo, and Parra.

I am totally ecstatic about this team considering it's september and we still have a nice lead in the wild card and are within striking distance of first. However, I am going to be debbie downer and say that in spite of this I don't see them as a real threat in the post season if they happen to make it. This latest series is the epitome of why I think this. Poor fielding, lack of clutch hitting, and what I think will eventually be our downfall is our bullpen. I could/hope that I'm wrong, but I don't see them changing their stripes 6 months into the season.

Devil's Threesome said...

I agree with everything E said. Everything! I think we'll make the playoffs, but we aren't good enough fundamentally to win. You have to SCRATCH out runs in the postseason. You are always facing great pitchers b/c of 3 man rotations and all the rest the bullpen gets from the days off. We struggle to manufacture runs. When it takes 6 hits to put together a 4 run inning, you won't succeed in the playoffs.

To sum: I'm bullish that we'll win the WC, but I have little confidence we can make postseason noise.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Stay Puff not State Puff. Gosh. You CPA's. Guess you didn't watch that movie as many times as me.

I thought that ball was gone too. He hit the crap out of it. I had the perfect angle to watch it die in the air.

Devil's Threesome said...

I had a horrible angle on the Nelson hit, I was in the last section of the RF loge seats, but it never looked like it had a chance to leave the yard to me. The ball certainly wasn't carrying last night.

I yearn for a good, solid sac fly.