Friday, September 12, 2008

Coin Flip and Monday...

Playoff for NL East New York Mets at Philadelphia
Playoff for NL Central Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee
Playoff for NL West Arizona at Los Angeles Dodgers
Playoff for NL Wild Card

Milwaukee at Philadelphia
Milwaukee at Houston
Milwaukee at St. Louis
Houston at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Philadelphia
Houston at St. Louis

Despite the headline on to the contrary the coin flip for home field for any playoff tiebreakers were conducted tonight. The Brewers would face the Scrubs at home if there was a miracle for the division title, otherwise the Crew is on the road to face Philly, Houston, St. Louis. Maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing.

So apparently the weather is really shitty in Philly today and the game will most likely be called due to weather. Both teams have an off day Monday so would they play double header on Sunday or play the last game of the series on Monday? If its not until Monday, maybe Nedly would realize the importance of this series (get a game on the Wild Card leader/closest team) and pitch CC on Monday and move Soup to the start of the Cubs series. I know it probably won't happen and the line-up will just move back one day, but it might be worth considering.

Magic number still 13!

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