Saturday, September 27, 2008

College Football Thoughts

The Brewers game is over in the 3rd and the Ben Sheets era has mercifully ended so it's on to college football. Some thoughts from today:

  • Big 11 is football is so awful, it's hard to put it into words. This UW-Michigan game is an abomination. Michigan fumbles every other play. Half of their plays from scrimmage this year have gone for 0 or negative yards. Wisconsin is up 13-0. The Badgers don't need to run an offensive play the rest of the game. They could punt on first down every time and not need to worry about Mythigan scoring.

  • Honorary Big 11 Team of the Week: Tennessee! They just botched a handoff in the end zone and Auburn fell on it for the easiest 6 ever

  • Michigan just fumbled again - seriously

  • What's worse than a Big 11 game? A Big 11 team playing Notre Dame! At least the giant, floating funereal head of Tom Hammond can enterain me

  • Anyone else seen the commercial with all the Big 11 coaches giving their recruiting pitches? The shot at the end with JoePa is really sad. He's senile, he really needs to be in a facility of care

  • Attention Badger fans - don't get too excited about your win over a very average Fresno team - they are losing to UCLA and have given up an unfathomable 16 points thru 23 minutes

  • What happened to Florida St? They couldn't manage a touchdown at home last week against Wake. This comes after losing to Wake 30-0 the last time they visited Tallahassee. Bobby Bowden doesn't care - he just loves his straw hat! I don't know why that pic is so fucking big - sorry
  • Florida - take solace in all the smoking hot chicks at your school because your football team laid a colossal egg at home against Ole Miss


Devil's Threesome said...

Michigan craptastic-ness update: 4 turnovers in the first half, 26 total yards. -6 passing yards. -6!! For you NFL guys, sacks count as rushing yards in college so they have completed 2 passes for negative yards. Nice work RichRod.

Devil's Threesome said...

Spoke too soon - make that 5 turnovers in the first half. Apparently they are playing Tecmo Bowl and Bielema is looking at RichRod's controller and picking his play every time. Big 11 football!!