Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear Dave Bush:

Come find me after the game. Let's take a dip in the hot tub together.


A Toaster


EMoney said...

Don't just blame Bush for this. 6 runs isn't astronomical.....oh wait a minute, with this offense it is. 2 runs on Monday, 5 on Tuesday, and 1 through 7 on Wednesday for an average of 2.7 per game. I don't care what staff you have, you need to score more than that if you are going to win consistently. Look at the box scores over the series and u will see that we've had as many or more base runners than the mets. Difference being they executed at the plate when it counted and we didn't = sweep at home in the last month of the season. Not a great start to the september playoff push.

Rubie Q said...

Fine. We haven't hit. What-fucking-ever. Fucktard put us in a six-run hole before our guys got to pick up a stick. The lion's share of the blame goes to him.

But remember: he was just one pitch away. Right, Ned?