Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Did Anyone Watch the Heroes Season Premier Last Night?

I need to complain about it to somebody. Does anybody even watch this show? I know at least three (and maybe four) of you are X-Men fans, and Heroes is a blatant rip-off of X-Men ... so ... anybody want to bitch about it with me?


FPMKE said...

I totally dig X-men but I have been unable to get into the whole Heroes thing. Between trying to watch LOST, How I met your Mother, Prison Break, and a plethora of other shows... I just haven't found a spot for it on my schedule.

Rubie Q said...

OK, so it is four then. You'd dig the first season of Heroes. It was really well done. But it's been a complete and total clusterfuck since then -- mostly because they thought they were getting cancelled after the first season and shot their wad in the season finale.

Rubie Q said...

Also: "How I Met Your Mother" has become an unwatchable disaster. It's so formulaic and dry now that I can't stomach it.

It's down to "Earl," "The Office," "30 Rock," "Heroes" and "24" for this guy -- and "Heroes" and "24" are on their last legs.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I've been told by several people that I would like Heroes but I haven't watched it. I really only watch the same as above, Earl, The Office, and South Park. I haven't gotten into 30 Rock either, but I laugh my ass off at Tracy Morgan every time I turn on that show.

Bitch, get me a soda.

FPMKE said...

On the X-Men note, I still haven't seen the last movie, is it a waste of my time?

I agree with your assessment of "HIMYM", I was very disappointed with the season premier last night. I don't like Ted engaged and I'm tired of the story repeating itself. The argument between Marsh-man and Ted reminded me of when I told Rubie that Meg hadn't seen Star Wars... I could have written that crap. Plus Barney falling head over heels in love is ridiculous... he's too awesome for that.

I'll watch "Earl" if I'm around and "The Office" is great.

I rather enjoy "24" but I think they're running out of feasible plots. I think it needs 1 last season for the sole purpose of killing off Jack Bauer or having him finally walk away for good.

Rubie Q said...

The sad thing is, "HIMYM" has become so formulaic that any of us actually could write it. We've watched enough sitcoms to know the plot lines. They broke from the mold for a while, but got lazy in the last couple years. And now it's shit.

Everyone I know who has watched "30 Rock" thought it was hilarious. Alec Baldwin is transcendent.

Agreed on "24," which is why I said it's on its last legs. They have blatantly recycled the plot lines of seasons 1 and 2 in the last two years. They should have quit after the season where Greg Itzin (Burlington's own!) was president. That was compelling shit.

Rubie Q said...

Oh, and you should see "X-Men 3." It's pretty good.

Rubie Q said...

Hey, do you remember that dude who went to Marquette who was in "Psycho Beach Party"? Nick D'Agosto?

He was in Heroes in the second season as Claire's (Hayden Pantyliner's) boyfriend.

More shockingly, though: he was Hunter (Jan's assistant/fuck buddy) on "The Office." Whoa.

FPMKE said...

"30 Rock"... I've only caught it a handful of times and Will Arnett guest starred on two of those episodes; he cracks me up. Morgan and Baldwin are great.

On a Baldwin note, I always enjoy when he unexpectedly pops up as a minor character in movies ("Glenngary Glen Ross", "Pearl Harbor" to name a couple); he always nails the role.

Greg Itzin was a great villian but the "reformed" Itzin was horrendous last season.

FPMKE said...

I think D3S informed of D'Agosto. Fucking Fouch!

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I'm really sad that The Office season premiere has to be going on during the Brewers game. I'll still watch on tape delay thanks to the great technology that is DVR. I can't wait to see what they do with the whole Pam/Jim and Dwight/Andy/Angela stories. I see Pam and Jim hitting some rocky times coming up. I wonder what will happen.

I'm just afraid the show won't be as good if they get hitched. I thought the same thing about them dating, but I was wrong... so who knows.

Rubie Q said...

"I'm really sad that the Brewers have to continue playing out the string while The Office season premiere is on."