Thursday, September 11, 2008

MikeHunt Takes Another Provocative Stance:

This trip critical to making post-season

As far as headlines go, this is up there with "Speaker says learning a lifelong process."

But the Milwaukee Brewers were about to step into a different set of shadows Wednesday, the shadows of a season.

Lose again to the Cincinnati Reds, which they were greatly in danger of doing even with CC Sabathia, and who knows, the year could’ve been as over as John Edwards’ political career.

Hey-o! Zingers like this will make NBC reconsider its decision to give Conan O'Brien's show to Jimmy Fallon. Funny man, that MikeHunt!

Not to attach any more pressure to, what, a quarter-century’s worth of October blackouts, but everything sort of does come down to the next 10 games on the road.

"Sort of"? Where the fuck does "sort of" work its way into this equation?

And how exactly are you attaching more pressure to this road trip? Oh, that's right: because you're MikeHunt, and you're a very important person.

"Men, gather round. I know we've talked about how important this road trip is, but I just want you to know that MikeHunt says we have to make hay in the next 10 games. I know it's a lot of pressure, what with how important MikeHunt is and all. But try to put that out of your minds and go out and play ball."

Yost talked about the nervousness and the panic that accompanied the ’07 slide right back into Brewer Land. He talked about how none of that is present now with the calming influence of the veterans like Cameron and Sabathia and Jason Kendall, veterans who weren’t here to talk the kids, and, who are we kidding, Yost down from the ledge last season.

I have to call bullshit on this. Didn't we have a fuckload of veterans with play-off experience last year? Counsell? Graffanino? Linebrink? Suppan? Damian Miller? Ray King (at the end of the year)? And I'm supposed to believe that Jason Kendall is going to kiss the boo-boos and make it all better?

This is fucking retarded. We're not going to win this season because Jason Kendall and Mike Cameron are playing Go Fish with Hardy and Weeks on the charter, just like we didn't lose last season because we were too inexperienced. If having veterans on the team is so fucking important, why are the Yankees languishing in fourth place behind the Rays, Sox, and Jays? Oh. That's right. Because they haven't pitched well, haven't hit well, and haven't played good D.

Listen, I like Kendall as much as the next guy (his unceremonious booting from the "I Am A MAN" Club notwithstanding). But can we stop acting like the guy is some kind of fucking Svengali who can make the young'uns play better through force of will?

Thank you.

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