Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Afternoon Smart-Assery: ITEM!

(1) The Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club: Where Ownership Changes, But Incompetence Is Still The Name Of The Game, Part Deux:

I'm speechless.

You axe His Former Highness with twelve games left in the year?

How ... what ... why now ... who made the call ...

So many questions at this hour. The only things we know/can surmise/can rampantly speculate at this point: (1) It appears that our owner has a touch of Steinbrenner in him. (2) This gives new meaning to "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

6:30 presser from Chicago...maybe some questions will be answered and we won't be belittled if we ask them

FPMKE said...

Nothing like coming out of a meeting to have 3 e-mails on my blackberry, all from Cubs fans, letting me know Yost had been fired. I had to confirm the news with a reliable source (thanks D3) before I could shoot off quick "Not soon enough" and "This will make the final 6 games against the Cubs interesting".

I like the move. Yost has been flacid at best over the last month and now we'll get 4 combined starts for CC & Sheets against the Cubs where Dale might be able to ignite the offense and not f-up the bullpen. Upside, he'll probably buy everybody jaeger bombs after the games just to keep them juiced up.

Now I can go home after work and binge on some celebratory Staghorn Octoberfest... I still highly reccomend this beer (this comment in no way paid for or endorsed by New Galrus Brewing Co.)

Devil's Threesome said...

I don't know what this accomplishes, but maybe it will give us a glimmer of hope. Not likely, but maybe. Chances of me watching tomorrow's game have increased from 10% to 15%.

Sorry guys, I don't like rooting for pussies. Regardless of how mad I get during MU seasons and how pissed I get at the players, at least the Big 3 isn't a bunch of pussies like this Brewer team. I don't think Sveum is a pussy, maybe that will rub off on this team for the final 12 games.

Pussies that should be jettisoned:
Manny Parra
Rickie Weeks
Corey Hart

Rubie Q said...

You forgot Bill Hall and Ben Sheets.

Devil's Threesome said...

Ben Sheets is gone so it doesn't matter. Big miss by me on Billy.

EMoney said...

Quote from Ned Yost after the firing:

"two bad weeks and you get fired"

Ned, do you honestly think that you got fired solely based on the last 2 weeks? What about the final two months of last season? What about the previous 4 years when you couldn't crack 0.500? Mark Attanasio wanted you gone after last years debacle, but you're a nice enough guy that Doug Melvin fought to get you another chance. Attanasio mortgaged a piece of their franchise on this year, and we are toeing the line of losing that. Being that Mark Attanasio is a multi-millionaire successful businessman that already owns an MLB franchise in his mid 40's, I tend to trust his instincts. Time for the dynamic duo of Svuem and Yount to turn this baby around. I am very interested to see how they come out tonight. We've got the best pitcher in baseball throwing for us tonight so maybe we can pull this game off. Combine that with a Phils loss and we are playing from the front again. There's still a lot of time left!