Friday, September 12, 2008

Now We Have A Problem.

I knew Jon Hart (you're fucking 26 years old, the "Corey" thing stopped being cute about, oh, eighteen years ago) was an idiot. I didn't realize he was dumb enough to say something like this:

"Actually, it felt more like a home game than playing in Miller Park," said Hart, who has no home runs and two RBI this month. "We didn't hear the boos that we sometimes here [sic] at home. That's the way it goes. Everybody's expecting (the team) to win. I guess they have a reason to be frustrated because we haven't been winning.

"It's not a lack of hustle or effort. A guy makes an error, a guy strikes out and you hear your home town booing you. It makes you ready to get out of there and go somewhere else for awhile. I think we're all looser here."

Congratulations, Jon. In the same week that we permanently dissolved the "I Am A MAN" Club, I am proud to announce that you are the founding member of the Jon Hart "I Am A LITTLE WHINY BITCH" Club. Something tells me your membership in this club will last a lot longer than you membership in the "I Am A MAN" Club did.

You fucking redneck.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

can't blame him...I'd want to get the fuck out of town if I were playing like ass too!

EMoney said...

Ok....I just had a nice rant and it didn't save for whatever reason so I will try and repeat the masterpiece that I just created. I'm sorry if it shows up I'm not.

In regards to Cory Hart's comments regarding the poor play of late at home....and the booing that ensued because of it...let me first say that I personally am against booing and I am bothered when I see it occur in our own stadiums whether it be Miller Park, the BC (especially when they boo college kids ie. Dom james), or Lambeau. However, when the drunken idiots decide to boo poor play, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT complain about it to the media! Mr. Hart, need we remind you that YOU signed up for this job big boy! When you decided that you wanted to be a ballplayer when you "grew up" you also accepted the fact that when you make The Big Show, you a)are in the spotlight at ALL times and b)make more money than 99.9% of the people that pay to watch you play every night. So no, those people that come out to watch are not going to feel sorry for you when you are making a great living playing a GAME.....especially when you are playing poorly (and especially when it costs a hardworking dad about a bill to take his kids to a game these days)! It's unfortunate, and I think that it exemplifies the soft/"pat on the back" culture that Ned Yost has produced in Milwaukee. If you don't like the booing, do something about it! Go out there, play to your standards, and most of all play smart! Nobody is going to fix this for them....they need to turn it around themselves. They need someone in that clubhouse to step up and put them on their backs the last 2-3 weeks of the season (where's Jenkins when you need him....oh yeah he's on the team that is going to catch us in the w.c. race). I used to think Prince was the right guy for the job, but he proved me completely wrong this season (f*ing vegetarian!). I think Braun is our guy now. The ship is filling with We need someone to step up and get over there and fix it.

Completely frustrated!

I was more fired up when I wrote it the first time so it doesn't have quite the flare....ah well.