Monday, September 22, 2008

The Packer Experience

A couple quick thoughts from my first Packers night game experience last night:

- Always, always take Monday off after attending a Packer night game
- Never, ever drive through Taco John's on your way home - my bunghole hurts
- Always make sure there's no random Cowboy fans sitting near Rubie Q
- Don't engage drunk Packer whores in conversation like soon-to-be-Ms DT3 did last night
- If a group of four 60 year olds are sitting in front of you and they are all wearing headphones so they can listen to Wayne Larrivee, don't spill beer on their seat or they will bitch about it all game
- For the fans' safety, Packer flags should not be distributed at games
- The Packers can't stop the run
- The Cowboys are good, really good
- The dude in Section 104, row 60, seat 24ish really wants people to be loud at Packer games. He wants us to quit sitting on our hands, get off our La-Z-Boys and quit acting like we are at a funeral. Not surprisingly, this guy has a goatee and is morbidly obese


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

A clarifying quesiton:

Who is the drunk Packer whore who engaged in conversation? Was it the soon-to-be-Ms DT3? Or was she the one engaging in conversation with the whores?


Jealous in Living Room

Devil's Threesome said...

A skanky looking Packer chick in a midriff bearing shirt came by our tailgate spot giving everyone high fives. She said, "We're gonna fuckin' rape 'em." Ms DT3 said that wasn't politically correct then they had a conversation, after which I scolded her for engaging the whore in conversation.

We also saw a very awkward Jewish guy with two fairly attractive hooched up Packer chicks in alarmingly short skirts. Weird stuff in Green Bay, just weird.

Rubie Q said...

Re: poser Cowboys fans. Here's my issue:

You're from Gurnee. Or Kenosha. Or fucking anywhere in the United States OTHER THAN fucking Dallas, Texas. Somewhere along the line, you decided you wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys fan, just because it's cool to be one. For the same reason (as D3S pointed out last night), you are most likely also a Yankees fan, a Lakers fan (except for LeBron, who's your favorite player), and a USC football fan.

In short: you're not a fan. If you must come to a game involving your "team," kindly shut the fuck up and watch it quietly.

EMoney said...

Here's what I took from the game....although I only watched the first 3 quarters: Yes, I agree with D3 the Cowboys are REAL good. Their offensive arsenal is ridiculous! 1. Very good and confident QB 2. 2 very good RB's that complement each other perfectly 3. Legit HOF #1 WR, with solid #2 and #3 WR's. 4. Best overall tight end in the league. Blocks well and is a threat down the field. And 5. Large and skilled O'line. Also, their defense, while not great, does enough to allow their explosive offense to win games for them.

While I never like to lose, I didn't feel too bad about lasts night's game. Like we have already stated the Boys' are good and may be the class of the NFL, but it was Rodger's first REAL test (and was in prime time) and he played solid for the most part. However, it looked like he seemed to panic a few times in the pocket and was holding onto the ball for too long. Don't know if it was bad routes, good D, or Aaron just not being calm and collected. It also did not seem like McCarthy wanted to attack downfield too often like he did in the first 2 games. So in that respect, I thought the game plan was a little too conservative considering how successful the deep ball was in the first 2 games. Can't complain though. 2-1 thus far and in first place.

BTW - I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Bears piss away that game yesterday....especially when it was the x-Bear Brian Griese who torched them. HA!

Devil's Threesome said...

Additionally, Lambeau had Liene's Oktoberfest on tap. Yummy!! Still, it's no Memorial Stadium, but the NFL just can't touch the college game. (Sure to incite fires at the Buffet)

EMoney said...

You're absolutely right D3. Nothing beats watching, for example, the Badgers hand the ball off or run the option 40-45 times a game while beating up on the likes of Akron and Marshall. And to top it off you can't drink inside of Camp Randall. So, in conclusion the NFL cannot touch the NCAA. Ha!


Rubie Q said...

Two things:

(1) I think D3S was referring to REAL college football teams with real fans, not teams with students who show up at halftime of the game so drunk that they can't even see the field.

(2) I also think he was talking about the atmosphere of the game, not the quality of play. The NFL can't touch the college game there -- you can't re-create the environment that exists when 15,000 co-eds and 60,000 rabid alumni pack a stadium for a game.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

harris might be out for the year with a ruptured splien. That sucks! Isn't that the same injury that Chris Simms played with last year? blood in your piss is never a good thing.