Monday, September 22, 2008

Shit, Dog, Your Spleen.

SBTG brought this up in a comment below, but it merits its own post: Al Harris could be lost for the year with a ruptured spleen.

I don't want to pat myself on the back or anything, but, right when Harris went down, I turned to D3S and said: "Oh, fuck, that looked like his spleen. I hope he doesn't start peeing blood."

New mission for the day: since Jarrett Bush already has laid claim to the "Toast" nickname, what are we going to call Tramon Williams?

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Devil's Threesome said...

Wow, that reminds me of one of the funnier moments last night. When Harris went down, there was a virtual panic behind us at the prospect of Jarret Bush seeing significant playing time. Reminded me of Turnbow...or Gagne...or Riske...oh fuck, the whole GD bullpen