Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's Line-Up...

We really need a win and Sheets vs Marquis might be our best chance...if I were interim manager this would be my line-up:

Durham 2B
Hardy-hell maybe evenEscobar SS
Braun-if Kapler is healthy I give Braun a night off, maybe put Dillon here
Gywnn-even gywnn jr would be a better option that Hart at this point
Counsel/Lamb-either one here
Rivera-good things happen when he's in the line-up and we could use his Kendall can't catch every day can he?
Sheets-time to get back to Ace stuff

Apologies to Rubie for my text message outburst last night...I'm just not going to give up hope yet, we are only a half game back with 11 games left


Rubie Q said...

No worries, mon frere. I'm going to take a break from writing about the Brewers for a while. All that negative energy is affecting my chi.

It's all Packers, Marquette, and Wisconsin Lutheran College football for this cat for now.

EMoney said...

The Phillies are freakin' good....especially when Howard is hot like he has been the last month. Our best shot may be trying to run down the Mets at this point considering they are even more choke worthy than we are. Who are we 1/2 game behind? The Mets or Phils?