Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, That Was Fast.

Wow, Chiller: way to take a nice long look at your quarterback of the future before pulling the plug:

No coach had more faith in his quarterback than coach Brad Childress had in Tarvaris Jackson, who has made 16 career starts. But Childress named [Gus] Frerotte the starter for the remainder of the season, announcing the decision at his Wednesday media availability.

Two things:

(1) Is this the same Gus Frerotte who once missed time after headbutting the end zone wall while celebrating a touchdown? Yes, yes it is. Yeah, I'll take the odds that he manages to get himself hurt before the end of the year.

(2) As a general matter, this "he's going to start for the rest of the year" shit drives me nuts. Why not just say that he'll start the next game, and you'll evaluate it after that? What if dude throws for 45 yards with three picks in the next game? You've already committed to him as your quarterback for the rest of the year -- after you committed to Jackson as your starter for the year in the preseason. In short, saying shit like this makes you look like an indecisive, ineffectual tool.

Which is exactly what we're looking for in our Vikings coach. Keep up the good work, Chiller.

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