Friday, September 5, 2008

When do we start to panic?

4 games in September. 4 losses in September. Fortunately enough the Cubs do what the Cubs tend to do and stumble down the stretch by losing 5 in a row and completely opening the door for us. Yet here we remain 5 back of the Cubs after averaging a paltry 2.5 runs per game over that 4 game stretch. At the same time, the St. Louis red birds have finally come back to earth and remain an unfeasible 10 games back of Chicago and 5 back from again, we're pretty fortunate thus far. All looks good from an NL central standpoint, but when I look at our NL brethren to the east, I see what looks to be our true playoff competition. Assuming that we are competing for the wild card, I have noticed that the Mets and Phills are sneaking up behind us (~ 2 games back) and have both gotten quite hot of late. With our series with the Phills about a week away, I am starting to worry how the Brewers are going to finish this season and that series in particular looks to be of great importance. If we happen to face Hamels, I will chalk that one up as a loss considering we can't even hit guys in their major league debuts these days (what else is new I guess). I don't have a major point to this piece other than after last years 2 month debacle, and our brutal 4 game start to september I am starting to get real worried. CC can only pitch once every 5 days, and the mentalities of Sheets, Parra, Bush, and even Suppan don't impress me enough to have confidence in their starts when we absolutely need a great performance. Combine that with our inability to hit with risp and I am beginning to lose confidence in their ability to close out the season while maintaining the wild card. It's not that we aren't hitting......of late we have had as many runners as our opponent yet we still manage to lose by a number of runs. So I don't know what's going to happen or how they are going to resolve their problems. Never mind, I know. Ned Yost's approach is, well, there isn't an approach. He just lets things work themselves out. I sure hope he knows what he is doing (actually I already know that he doesn't know what he is doing). It's a good thing we play cincy a couple times to boost our confidence.


Rubie Q said...

The panic button officially got pushed last night. We're fucked. I said before this homestand that we needed to go 8-2 or 7-3 to show we're serious about the playoffs. Now, we're going to be damn fortunate to go 5-5.

The fact that this team stayed in contention with so many glaring weaknesses is a testament to how completely fucking God-awful the NL is.

I've seen how this story plays out, and it ain't pretty. At least Ned will be gone after all is said and done.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

We are fine...4 games up with 22 to play. I'll take that any day of the one was bitching about this team last week before the Mets series and not we are panicing, but we are essentially in the same spot. Plus the Phillies play the Mets this weekend so assuming the Met's stay hot we'll get some games on them...and who gives a fuck about the Cubs. yeah if we would ahve won some games this week the division would be in play but its not going to be. We are fine and I think we are going to win the wiild card.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The only thing, as far as I'm concerned, to be concerned about is our average with RISP. It is atrocious. We start hitting the ball and we'll be fine.

Oh, and Weeks seems to be amping up for his batting around .900 hot streak he has every year. That could be good. (I just jinxed him)

Devil's Threesome said...
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EMoney said...
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Rubie Q said...

My chief concern with this team isn't that the franchise hasn't made the playoffs for 30 years. It's our fucking bar-league softball offense. I don't mind loading the team with mashers; the problem is that none of our guys has an OBP above .330 (save for Prince).

It's OK if you're going to hit home runs and strike out a ton so long as you draw enough walks to get your OBP close to .360 or .370. But when you've got a team of guys with .310 and .320 OBPs, that adds up to a shit-ton of solo homers.

I stand by what I said before: we're fucked. We won with otherwordly starting pitching in August. Now that Dave Bush and Suppan are back to their fuck-tastic normal selves, and with Bitch Ben hurt again, we can't scratch out enough runs to win consistently.