Monday, September 29, 2008

Will Leitch: Eat a Dick

6. The Brewers Aren't Particularly Likable. You have to be happy for Brewers fans, who have waited 26 years for a return to the postseason. But you don't necessarily have to like this team, which, in the opinion of this Cardinals fan, have taunted, showboated and chest-pounded to a rather excessive amount for a team that, until yesterday, had never won a damned thing. (Whatever my thoughts on the Cubs franchise, their players act like they've been there before.) I know, I know: Complaining about baseball etiquette is the last refuge of the elderly, jilted, crotchety fan. I'm pretty certain that I'm only acting out of emotion and am 100 percent wrong. But still: I'm not the only person who feels this way.

Way to link to an article written by a St Louis newspaper blogger you cackling douche. You know how you stop the Brewers from celebrating? Beat them! I also forgot that Pujols never stares at his home runs. The best response on Deadspin:

An open letter to Will Leitch, Albert Pujols, Tony LaRussa and Cardinals nation:
It has come to our attention that during the recently completed 162-game season, the Brewers may have shown some emotion when celebrating victories or big moments in games.
It's been 26 years since this team has made the postseason, and seriously... last year? We were partying just because we finished 1 game above .500. One of the things that the Brewers organization clearly overlooked in that quarter century was the establishment of a code of conduct by the most upstanding of all baseball organizations, I speak, of course, of the St Louis Cardinals -- fine upstanding citizens one and all. These Cardinals always celebrate the "right" way. And they would never drink during those celebrations and get behind the wheel either (oops).
As a Brewer fan, I want to apologize for the players on my team. I mean, they had the audacity to "pump their fists," "high-five" and "yell loudly," during some big moments this season. Oh, and they untucked their shirts after wins as an homage to Mike Cameron's father who used to untuck his shirt when he walked in the door from a long day at work.
I mean, really... Would you want your kids to start showing this type of behavior?
In conclusion, I'm sorry that the Cardinals missed the postseason. Probably sucks when you're a fan of a team that makes it to the playoffs just about every year and doesn't this one time. But rather than taking an uncharacteristically pissy Pujols' comments after one series as an indication of the "likability" of an entire team, maybe you could actually develop an opinion for yourself.

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Rubie Q said...

I particularly enjoyed the "last refuge of the elderly, jilted, crotchety fan" line, which was immediately followed by a link to the angry ramblings of an elderly, jilted, crotchety sports writer. Good call.

The Cardinals and their fans definitely have the moral high ground here. It must be some other manager who orders his pitchers to throw at injured players when his team is getting its teeth kicked in. Oh, wait. No. No. That's the Cardinals.