Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 More Ways For Favre To Ruin His Image.

I've been thinking about this for the past couple of days, and I decided I would post it.  Brett Favre has really been doing a number on his approval rating here in Wisconsin over the past 9 months or so.  There was a great year, a heartfelt and tearful retirement, and the ripping out of the heart of an entire state.  After the whole trade to the Jets, I really thought there was nothing else he could do to further tarnish his reputation and whatnot.  Then the past couple of days happened.

I decided to try and compile a list of 10 things Favre could do to the Packers Faithful to further ruin his image and rip out our hearts.  I'm sure you all can add more, and this list isn't in any way in order.

10. Urinate all over the Don Hutson center while lighting a picture of Bart Star on fire.

9.  Make the Ray Nitschke bridge remain in the up position for 2 days so no cars can cross over it.

8.  Pass out drunk on the statue of Vince Lombardi after throwing up on it (bonus if he ends up nude).

7.  Dig up the corpse of Reggie White and have his buddy Michael Strahan tell it how much better he is because of the way he sacked Favre.

6.  Make Gilbert Brown lose weight.

5.  Call Don Majkowski and tell him that he can still play and that he should ask the Packers to come back.

4.  Say he hates cheese and Miller Lite (really dead if he says he hates Leinies).

3.  Drive a Toyota pick-up and eat tofu (red-blooded Wisconsinites hate that).

2.  Call Curly Lambeau a fag.

1.  Burn down Lambeau Field.

Over under on how many of these actually happen... 4 1/2.

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