Friday, October 31, 2008

Brewers Stuff...

A lot has happened over the past few days and we can expect big things to happen in the coming days/weeks.

Ken Macha was hired as manager. I'm glad they picked him over Randolph (who apparently was second choice). Seems like a good guy, has been received well by the players, but I give it by the end of April 2009, that 1250 fans (ahem, $ and Rubie) are calling for his head. Interesting note that he only signed a 2 year deal. He won't have much time to establish himself.

And oh by the way Ken we have a first base coach (Sedar), bullpen coach (Catro), bullpen catcher (Hanel), pitching coach (Maddux) under contract and you have to keep them plus we'd like you to hire our interim manager from last year as either 3rd base coach or bench coach. You can hire the other and a hitting coach, but that's it.

I really hope Maddux doesn't leave for Texas...he's got a pretty good gig here, but you might see him take the blame next year if our pitching staff sucks. I also really hope they get Sveum back as a coach. He's a great baseball guy and seems to have a rapport with the players (hope that doesn't back fire during the season).

Rumor has it we are prepared to offer CC a 4 year $100 million contract. Yikes! Less years than what he can get from the Yankess, plus a decent chance to get back to the playoffs and a hell of a lot less stress from fans/media. Plus 4 years from now he might be able to cash in again or he could get an extension if the Crew trades him in a few years. I'm not holding my breath on this but its an interesting play by the Brewers.

Ben Sheets applied for free agency...that's really too bad. Have fun in Houston Benny!


FPMKE said...

I read this morning that the Brewers were preparing an offer for Sheets. Let's hope it's more of an insult that an offer... happy to see that fucker finally leave.

Rubie Q said...

(1) I welcome Ken Macha with open arms. I promise not to criticize him until February.

(2) In terms of our offense: unless Melvin gets some guys who can actually, ahem, get on base here, it doesn't matter who's sitting in the dugout. How many different ways can you tell a guy to swing for the fences?

(3) Pitching-staff wise, I'm intrigued to see what Macha can do. It can't be understated how terrible Ned Yost was at managing his pitchers. Seriously -- this was the guy who thought it was a good idea to have a different starter ON THE ROAD and AT HOME. Macha can't be any worse.

(4) That offer to Ben Sheets? Three tubes of douche. Fuck your mother, Ben.

EMoney said...

Hey I resent that "Ahem" comment referring to the calling of a coach's head. There have only been 2 coaches that I have really complained about...Yost and Mike Sherman. And the reason that it seemed like I complained so long is because, well I did, but also I picked up on certain behavior's that were not head coach worthy much earlier than most so maybe I have a gift for finding head coaching flaws. And the fact remains that both were fired (too little too late unfortunately) and neither is going to have success anywhere else as a head coach....rightfully so. So there!

Ken Macha - He was my #1 choice. Was consistently successful in a small market so I think the slipper fits.

CC - if that offer is legit, I give Attanasio and Melvin credit for having the balls to do it. Unforunately, I don't think that's going to be enough. Not to mention, he was used and abused during his short stay with us. If he gets hurt, or goes Ben Sheets on our ass, our franchise gets crippled. Large markets just dig deeper into their pockets to make up for it. That being said, it is a HUGE risk! Look at Pedro Martinez in New York. That cannot happen to us.

Sheets - so long....unless he'll sign for a sixer of blatz and a tin of Kodiak

I see both pitchers leaving. So, in terms of excitment to look forward to, I am intrigued by Prince Fielder rumblings that are going on. I think that some clubs, are going to want to get in on the action while he is still fairly cheap (although we all know, in actuality he is highly overrated....and overinflated I might add....get it?
overinflated?...a weight joke? Ha! Anyways, I predict the Yankees are going to make a play on him. A lot of their power hitters are getting quite old, so I bet they look to add a power hitting lefty....and they can hide him in the dugout and let him play DH.

Rubie Q said...

Curiously enough, I always thought Mike Sherman was a pretty good coach. He went, what, 53-27 in his first five seasons? Sure, the Pack was 4-12 in his last season, but (a) literally every player on the roster -- save for Favre -- finished the year on injured reserve, and (b) Favre "took the team on his shoulders" ... and threw 30 interceptions. I don't know, I guess I thought Sherm was a bit underrated in his tenure.

EMoney said...

Underrated???? You can't be serious? He road the coat tails of arguable the best o-line in football, a hall of fame QB, the NFL's best running back (at the time), and a top 10 defense to what? Nothing really! What was his playoff record like 1-3 or 1-4? And he lost 2 out of 3 playoff games at Lambeau, when the franchise had NEVER lost a playoff game at Lambeau before. I'll give you that he was a good O-coordinator, but Head Coach hell no. He didn't have any intensity and is likely the reason why Favre turned into a pre-Madonna. He let Brett do whatever the hell he wanted. Show up late for preseason, skip meetings, whatever. I think he wiped Brett Favres ass after each pregame dump as well. If he is so underrated as a coach, why doesn't he have a Head Coaching gig elsewhere with such a great win percentage as a coach? Because he SUX!