Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Downright Stupid!!!

Disclaimer: I, Emoney am actually going to discuss college football......briefly

I can't explain it, but the stupidity of people just makes me darn right angry sometimes. Here's a prime example: Not that I really care, but Travis Beckum of our beloved Badgers just had surgery to repair his broken fibula thus ending his triumphant senior season and furthermore likely lowering his draft stock CONSIDERABLY. So why does this bother me exactly? Well, he pretty much had a stellar junior year and I believe he was far and away the #1 ranked tight end and was projected to be a top 20 pick (1st rounder at least). So what's wrong with that? Nothing if you decide to forego your senior season and ENTER THE DRAFT! I mean honestly, what more did he think he was going to do if he came back? Win a heisman? Hell no, how many tight ends have won the Heisman (I don't know the answer but I'll bet less than 5)? Ah, did he think the Badgers were going to win a national championship? Ha! I know the Big Ten gets a pat on the back based on their historical significance, but c'mon a national championship! Capital One bowl maybe. It's not like they were returning the core of their team. They lost their QB and part of their O-line. Oh, I know. He wanted to be "romantic" and go back to school just to complete what he started and earn a degree. Great in theory, but you were going to play in the NFL and make millions on your rookie contract alone so unless you were earning a degree in finance or business so you could manage your bling, what's the point really? No, that's probally not the real answer. My guess is, and I hope this isn't actually the reason, is the same reason Matt Leinart did it (and I can't BELIEVE he did it! While he didn't get hurt he lost 10's of millions in signing bonus alone just by dropping from #1 to #9 or whatever he went), that being he loved being "The Man" on campus. And I'm sure it's great. Walk into a party, point at some good lookin' white chick, say come with me.....it's that easy. But my argument is, ahhhh, can't you still do that when you're a millionaire in the NFL? I mean, I can understand why Leinart did it. USC won the National Championship, they were virtually celebrities in LA, and so cal girls are probably pretty stellar. So fine, while I did not agree with his move (Chayce I know u agreed with him as we had this "what if" argument at the time) I could understand because he was a national celebrity and had a legit shot at defending their title. So here we are. Poor guy decides to go back to school and what happens......broken leg.....play on a crappy big team and miss half your senior season.......completely kill your draft status (he goes from guaranteed millions to mid-round "tryout" money). Look at the bright side Travis, you've still got 6-7 months of time to have fun with those communist leftists (sorry rubie) women of madison.....although what you want to do with them may hurt a little with a broken leg and cast on. Hmmm. Well, you win some you lose some I guess. So, if I can offer a piece of advice to all of those NFL hopefuls out there.........when you've got guaranteed money sitting there on the table for you to take, don't feed your greedy appetite and try to earn 10% more by coming back. You play football, not ping pong. Injuries do and will occur so quit being so damn stupid.

Look at this D3, did u ever imagine I would have some much to say regarding college football?


EMoney said...

Great article by Dan Wetzel - rips the crap out of the Big Ten


Best line: "As long as the Big Ten has great fight songs, the assumption will be it plays great football"

Love it! I think nationally, people are finally figuring out how fraudulent the Big Ten is.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

thank god president obama will be spreading the wealth with his socalist/marxist economic policies otherwise there would be nothing for Mr. Beckum to look forward too.

Rubie Q said...

I enjoyed the "communist leftists" remark -- glad that you made clear you weren't taking about ALL communists, just the ones on the left.

Those communist righties are having a tough time getting their ship off the dock.

EMoney said...

Haven't u heard? It's a new political philosophy. It's not 100% communism nor is it your standard liberalism. It's communist left, aka "Obama-ism"

STG, was that a knock on Obama? Way to intertwine sports and politics. Good work!

FYI-that's my last political remark here

Rubie Q said...

Wow, I'm glad I already voted, or I might have changed my mind after hearing about this "communist leftist" stuff. I can't believe people haven't made a bigger deal about this.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

it was more of a knock on the current politial campaigns...next Tuesday can't come quick enough so all this B.S. is over.

and I believe it was you who intertwined sports and politics with the communist lefties comment.

FYI-that's also my last political remark here as I'm on double secret probation from Rubie for my last political comment and the fact that I used "C**pl-W**m*r" which apparently is enough to get us listed on google if you searc that term. I'm sorry rubie!

Devil's Threesome said...

Still undecided for me. Palin scares the living shit out of me, McCain is captaining a rudderless ship, Biden is window dressing and Obama is so far in the pockets of the unions that he could do some major damage to our economy - good old fashioned protectionism. Maybe I'll move to Canada.

Rubie Q said...

Yeah, we just called Canada. They're not interested in you. Sorry.

Moongoose McQueen said...

Communism is a red herring.

Rubie Q said...

I love it when the Goose stops by to drop random "Clue" quotes on us.