Friday, October 17, 2008

For those who haven't heard yet, word is that Doug Melvin has been extended and Dale Sveum is out as the skipper of the Milwaukee Brewers.

So that leads us to the inevitable topic of discussion: Who do you want as the next manager of the Milwaukee Brewers? Some names that have been thrown out there include:

-Bob Brenly (who seems like he's been positioning himself for the job since the end of last season)
-Buck Showalter
-Ken Macha
-Mike Hargrove
-Grady Little
-Jim Tracy
-Bobby Valentine
-Willie Randolph
-Davey Johnson

And I'm sure there's more names being thrown around that I can't remember here. What's Don Baylor doing these days? This looks like a list of hot names from 1999. I'll be honest, none of these guys really light my pants on fire. I'll give you my thoughts on who I think would be best at a later time, but this should get the ball rolling. Right now I gotta go meet SVJJ at the local establishment for some "discussion".

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EMoney said...

Screw it! I say we have a 3-headed monster of Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, and Jim Ganter all on the staff and then we can bring back the ball and glove logo and old school colors full time. It would be dynamite. The 1982 World Series losers will never be forgotten! Long live 1982!