Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pimp My Ride

We interrupt this Rubie Rant for photos of the aforementioned Brewer-Mobile, created by a drunken mob this past Friday night.


It was just a POS 1990 Toyota Corolla with no brakes, windshield wipers, or reason to live, being driven around by a couple of suspected junkies in Walworth County. That was until we got a hold of it. A 8 hours and 2 1/2 cases of beer later, it was transformed into something glorious that would excite masses of people. People driving alongside of it were cheering like maniacs. If we would've charged for photos with the car we probably could've paid for the damn thing. A couple people even kissed the hood. Such was the elation that having the post-season in Milwaukee inspired; and this hoopty ride was the embodiment of that joy.


As for the design of this masterpiece, it is a bit of a stretch to say that I "hate the fact that this town still celebrates the '82 Brewers." I don't hate the '82 Brewers. I just hate that they are constantly crammed down the throat of everyone that even wants to discuss the current team. I cannot stand when people try to compare every aspect of baseball in Milwaukee to that fucking team. They were great, they had a great year, I get it. But the fact that that team fired its manager in the middle of the season and succeeded has absolutely NO bearing on this team in this era. Do you think in 1981, people were saying "Well ya know, in '57 the Braves did such and such"? As for the MB mitt logo; Fuck that thing, fuck it in its stupid ass. It's a Triple-A logo. Any logo that prompts people to say "Oh... I get it now," is fucking Bush League. And the new school color scheme is so sweet, I cannot understand how anyone can think the old one is better.
But I digress....

All of that being said, I'm not (contrary to what you may have heard) stupid. I know which way the winds blow, and most of my compatriots in this little venture wanted old school colors. Plus, this color scheme has the advantage of being IMPOSSIBLE to miss. It's like watching the Pro Bowl and always knowing right where the Packer players are because their helmets clash with everything else around them. And, like a savvy politician who knows he cannot prevent the passage of a bill he disagrees with (just a colorful metaphor Rubes and TG, I'm not trying to start anything here), I was able to attach one little piece that I do agree with... The logo on the hood. I, personally, am a HUGE fan of that "M with the state" logo. And thanks to the impressive skills of Mrs. Reid, we were able to stencil that bad boy on the hood with incredible precision. So, everyone walked away satisfied.


All in all, it was an awesome ride (literally and figuratively). And all thoughts of selling this beauty for scrap have disappeared. Providing the paint holds up, we fully intend to have this baby ready for opening day next year.


PS(It should be noted that, though not pictured, Sheets' VaJayJay was also instrumental in the creation of this fine piece of work. Also, all Brewer related emblems are painted on, not stickers. The only stickers are the racing ones on the sides, Uncle Mike insisted on those and I wasn't about to tell him no.)


Reid You Animal! said...

I realize the pics are little chopped off here, but if you click em you get the full shot. Also, for more pics, I recommend Section 8 website. I will be posting more there over the next couple days.

EMoney said...

Am I dreaming or did Chayce just post something?

EMoney said...

Also, does anyone else think that Keith and Chacye look like brothers in that picture? Ha! It's uncanny!

FPMKE said...

I think I just creamed my jeans. I totally want to drink a high life from the trunk of that thing.

Rubie Q said...

(Stands and applauds)

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

now is the time to make QatB a first rate blog...we need to get this linked by deadspin or even sportsbubbler.