Sunday, October 26, 2008


If you saw the new Marquette Converse ad (at least I think it is related to Converse) you know what I'll talk about. Random thoughts:

-there were lines outside the Al to get in at 6.
-the t-shirts are awesome and so is the poster.
-the Al was packed
-at least at our madness it was the women's team that did a lame as choreographed dance and not the men's team (ahem Bo Ryan sucks!)
-they cut a lot of the BS out from prior years (no dunk/3 pt contest, just a "Jam Fest") and they got to the scrimmage really quickly.
-women's team looked pretty size but it sounds like they have a lot of really good opponents this year and the wife and I are going to try and hit one up this year (UConn).
-Wes' between the legs dunk was awesome but Fulce had a few really nice fav was the Vince Carter elbow dunk that live looks not that great but one you realize what he did its awesome. just glad no one tried to jump over something and no one got hurt.
-buzz talked for about 3 minutes...introduced boot camp video and thanked everyone for coming out, but his theme has remained constant...this program is about the players and nothing else...kind of refreshing! buzz spent the entire time shaking hands and left everything up to the asst. coaches and players.
-the scrimmage was kind of short. the offense still seems to be a work in process but i thought the defense looked pretty good. the blue team had a furious second half comeback to win. by all reports lazar looked really good with 18 or so points.
-i was most impressed with O'Toole...he's a big body and held his own against Burke in the first half. had a couple of post moves and some nice boards (on both sides)...needs to bulk up and learn how to finish in traffic. transition offense was a little lacking but you could tell it was an early season scrimmage. they have to be sick of playing against one another.
-interesting to hear about the new verbal we received while we were in line. sounds like a nice combination of size and athletic ability. if you look ahead to next year we have a lot of size on the front line which something we haven't had in a long time. i guess this takes a little of the sting out if we weren't going to get Snaer. overall a fantastic first recruiting class for Buzz.

Can't wait for Haunted Hoops Friday and the start of the season soon!

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