Friday, October 3, 2008

Something New, Take II.

Alright. It's getting harder to be positive, and I'm going to skewer Corey Hart in a post this afternoon, but let's look on the bright side of Game Two:

(1) (And this one is probably deserving of its own post) JAMES JERRY HARDY GOT TO A BALL HIT TO HIS LEFT!! And not only did he make a diving stop, he threw the guy out from his knees! OK, yes, fine, it was Pedro Feliz. But still -- JIM JERRY GOT TO A BALL HIT TO HIS LEFT! I nearly fainted.

(2) Bill Hall and Rickie "Cumstain" Weeks -- why "Cumstain," you ask? Because, like a cumstain, it's next to impossible to get rid of Rickie Weeks, and he's a source of endless embarassment whenever someone notices he's still around -- didn't see the field.

(3) CC left everything he had on the mound last night. Thanks, big man. Fuck all of those Indians fans who say that you don't come up big in the post-season. You've been pitching the equivalent of post-season games for the last three weeks, and you've been a fucking beast. God bless you and your alliterative initials.

(4) Corey Hart might have had some bad chicken on the plane ride home, got afflicted with dysentery, and died.

Dammit. Messed up the last one again.


EMoney said...

My comments regarding last night:
1. Agreed - Sabathia holds no blame for last night. He essentially is the reason that this team is here in the first place. Not to mention, if this team was capable of scoring any runs a 5 run deficit isn't the end of the world......for this team however it is.

2. Aside from a 3 run error induced inning, and a 5 run blip on Sabathia's radar due to a Victorino grand slam, our pitching staff has held their lineup completely in check. So while the scoreboard may not indicate it, the Crew has played them really close.

3. To take my point further from #2 above, this team hasn't played well in Philadelphia for as long as I can remember. Perhaps the friendly and drunken confines of Miller Park will relax them a bit and give their offense a much needed boost.

FPMKE said...

I agree with E$ analysis. I've been arguing it with the resident Cubs fans all day. We're two bad innings away from being 2-0 in this series opposed to the Cubs who just completely flopped. Being back at Miller Park is a major advantage and I hope you all cheer your nuts off for me since I'll be watching from home.

Regarding Rickie Weeks... Rubes, if it's on glass or a shiny surface use viva and windex so you don't get any smears.

Rubie Q said...

How would one get it on glass or a shiny surface, friend of friends?

FPMKE said...

You know, the nudie booth... just about everybody shoots it right on the glass.

In your case, you'd probably be using scrubbing bubbles to get it off the shower door or tile.

Rubie Q said...

I ain't classy enough to have a shower door, bro.