Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Something New.

I'm going to try this "optimism" thing that my great and good friend SB's Tony Gwynn keeps telling me about. So...

(1) We worked the jitters out of our system in the first game.

(2) We made Lidge throw nearly 40 pitches in one inning. Hope we see him again tomorrow.

(3) Chuck New Town looked outstanding.

(4) There's no way Rickie's playing another inning after his showing today. Thank God for that trade for Durham.

(5) If we're lucky, a car might run over Corey Hart on the way back to the hotel.

Maybe that last one doesn't count.


FPMKE said...

One bad inning. I'm not going to complain, we looked good.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I'm not sure if we looked good... the pitching looked pretty good. The defense... not so much. I'm not worried either. CC goes tomorrow and I see no reason why he should suck tomorrow (sorry).

Both teams weren't great, but the Cubs are down 5-2 right now. Giddyup.

Devil's Threesome said...

Cubs lose! Cubs lose!

I'm not too concerned:
1) everything is still gravy
2) we faced their ace
3) their ace pitched his best game ever
4) we pitched a dude making his 2nd start since May 1
5) they only scored in one inning
6) we gave them 6 outs in said inning
7) it was a road game
8) Despite all of this, we were a Corey Hart single away from going to the bottom of the 9th
9) we didn't embarrass ourselves like the Cubs

FPMKE said...

I hate Cubs fans.

EMoney said...

Yeah, I can't say I'm ever totally happy after a loss, but it's hard for me to come out and be completely negative. As excellent as Hamels was, our smorgasbort of pitchers would have shut them down just as much if it were not for a couple of boneheaded plays. And unfortunately we knew what our stripes were going in, and sure enough they showed in the 1st playoff appearance in 26 years. I prefer Weeks' bat to Durhams but he completely drags us down in the field. And when he does have an error, it always seems to be in crucial moments. The runners always come around and in many cases is the difference between winning and losing. And like Grgg said, we were a Corey Hart single from tying that game up in the 9th. How anti-clutch is Corey Hart. Not only is he anti-clutch but he can't even put the ball in play no less get a frickin' hit. It's amazing how much we miss Kapler, a guy who was coaching in the minors a year ago. Tonight is a must win! Our bats need to put some runs up 'cuz one of these days CC is going to run out of gas and not go 9 innings of 1-2 run ball.

Devil's Threesome said...

The really sad thing is, Hart's strike out represented an improvement over his performance over the last week of the season. At least he hit a foul ball!

Goldy said...

I am all for #5. Watching the game yesterday me and fellow Chuckie Hacker MAtt thought Jayson Werth was lookign a lot like Hart at the plate.