Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spontaneous Combustion

I'm already feeling better about the Brewers loss. Thanks for putting a smile on my face Big Z.


EMoney said...

It's awfully silent on the QB today. Is everyone cashing in their chips?

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

actually a lot of us are trying to make up lost hours of productivity this past few there's no game tonight and we are down 0-2...but so were the 1982 Brewers!

$-Are you joining us at the game Saturday?

EMoney said...

I was planning on it, but I decided not to make the trip. After watching them scatter 6-7 hits or whatever it is over 2 games, I didn't think that it was worth the time or money to make the long drive up and back in 2 days. Plus I have to drive up in 2 weeks for Nick and Kim's wedding, followed by a trip to Dallas to hang with Mr. Schoof 2 weeks after that. If they tied up the series last night I would be there, but like I said before, they just frustrate me too much at this point. I'm also hoping that due to God's unknown reason to F*ck with me and deal me plenty of bad luck and ironies, that since I decided not to go, they will play awesome and tie the series at 2. I'm guessing that I won't be able to outsmart him(or her) though. So enjoy the game(s). Hopefully they can turn things around at home.