Monday, October 13, 2008

Today's Sign of the Apocalypse

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Neenah Bans Cupcakes, Candy as Treats
Neenah - Neenah students who want to bring an occasional treat for their classmates will be limited to fruit, vegetables and other healthy snacks. The Neenah School District tightened its wellness policy this year and banned cupcakes, candy and other sweet treats. Parent Vicki Denzin is asking the Neenah Board of Education to ease those rules. Denzin says banning the items doesn't teach the children moderation or portion control. Denzin asks how excited a 6- or 7-year-old would be to bring bananas or carrot sticks to share with their friends. Tullar Elementary School Principal Diane Galow says it's not the sugary cupcake that's important, but it's the ability of the students to share a treat on their birthday or special day.

I will save my vitriol for the comments section. The continued pussification and coddling of America's youth.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I am going to counteract this in my own school. Only sugary, crappy, delicious food will be allowed. I will slap any vegetable, fruit, or granola snack out of the hands of the student that is eating it. This travashamockery will not stand. Mainly because I like to eat those treats and I'm not going to eat fruit for a snack. I'm a chubby white guy. I like chubby white guy foods.

Wait... where are my students... oh oh.

Rubie Q said...

No, Tullar Elementary School Principal Diane Galow, it's the fucking cupcakes that make kids excited. Sharing? Who the fuck gets excited about sharing?

I blame Sarah Palin.

EMoney said...

I blame it on the time for "Change"