Thursday, October 2, 2008

Uh Oh!

Well, after 2 innings the Brewers are down 5-1. Sure it's early and we can still come back but i wouldn't bet on it. Hell when was the last time this team has scored more than 6 runs? Well of the 26 games in September the Brewers scored more than 7 runs 2 times, and they scored exactly 6 2 times. And considering the quality lineup the Phils have I'm sure that they will tack on a couple more in the next 7 innings. Don't get me wrong, I am completely ecstatic that the Crew finally cracked the playoff barrier, but does anyone here honestly think that this is one of the four best teams in the national league? I don't think so. We knew this team had a number of glaring weaknesses coming in, but were they going to be able to hide them long enough to make a playoff run?

The biggest problem that I have had with this club, and which I completely attribute to the incompetence of Ned Yost as a coach and one of the main reasons I have disliked him since year 2, is their inability to execute the fundamental aspects of baseball.

1. Poor defense - you can get away with letting a ground ball eat you up when you play the Pittsburgh Pirates in June, but good baseball teams make you pay when you give them extra outs. Especially when lineups are as deep as the Phils and include the likes of Rollins, Utley, Burrell, and Howard......and I guess I should include Victorino after seeing what he just did. Case in point, Game 1 of this series. Errors single handedly lost us that game yesterday.

2. Baseball "smarts" - I can't explain it, but this organization has been under some sort of free swinging curse and it's one of my biggest pet peaves. I know that athletes aren't generally known for their intelligence, in fact many of them are complete morons and slip through the scholarly cracks, but when that's the case you would think that the coaching staff would tell them exactly what should be done (to an extent). I bring this up because time after time after time after time these guys step to the plate after a pitcher has just walked 2 (or in this case 3 ) guys and hack away at the first pitch.....of which they usually swing and miss or hit a weak ass grounder. Case in point, 15 minutes ago. The Crew is down 1 game to 0. It's the top of the 1st, and you have the bases loaded, 1 run in, 1 out, and your ace on the hill. Now I dont have an iq of 160, but if I step up to the plate after just watching the pitcher walk 3 and 7 of the last 9 pitches are balls.......and I'm in a HORRENDOUS, let me say that again, HORRENDOUS hitting slump, there isn't a chance in hell that I'm going up there hacking away. I at least take 1 (probably 2) pitches to make this guy throw strikes. It's early in the game, but that at bat can completely change the scope of the game. Myers already had a large pitch count and we could have tagged him big early, in doing so getting to their bullpen, but NO! (Disclaimer: I like country music, I'll drink bud light, enjoy shooting shot guns, and will throw in the occasional dip of skoal.) Instead, that dumb f*cking hillbilly redneck Corey Hart takes a weak ass hak at the first pitch tapping it back to the pitcher, inning ending double play. And i think you all know what happens after that.

To top this all off, what a number of us feared came to fruition. Sabathia hit his wall. He seemed exhausted after his 30th pitch. The Brett Myers at bat really seemed to be his end all be all.

I could go on further with my frustration, but this team has made me mentally and physically exhausted. 1 hit through 5 innings......again. Take this team out back and put them out of their misery. What a great return to the playoffs.