Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Uneducated Sportswriter Douchebaggery at its Finest!

This just in from Fox Sports October's Burning Questions.

Will the Brewers' 1-2 punch get it done?
As fronts of rotations go, it's hard to get better than CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets. This season, Sabathia and Sheets have combined to give the Brewers 320 innings and a 2.59 ERA. That's the best one-two punch in the game, and it's not a particularly close call. Thanks in large part to Sabathia and Sheets, the Brewers were able to snap the longest playoff drought in all of baseball. But can they sustain their excellence into October? Sheets has never pitched in the postseason, and Sabathia, in four playoff starts, has an ERA of 7.17 ERA. Without great pitching from those two, the Brewers won't last very long. -- Dayn Perry

Thank you Dayn (what kind of fucking name is Dayn) Perry for proving that being a sportswriter does not require any research or knowledge of the team beyond the stats. Sheets is and has been a sandy va jay jay for quite some time you ass-clown! He won't be pitching.

I suggest that the next time you write an article, you look at the roster to see who is active, maybe check the team website to get an injury update, or confer with a local sportswriter. I'm sure Mike Hunt would love to hear from you.


Rubie Q said...

This is why you never, ever go to Fox Sports for any kind of information, analysis, etc. By far the worst sports site on the Internets.

Devil's Threesome said...

Agreed, I can't remember the last time I went there. Remember gentlemen, is so bad that my writing was once featured on there. It was linked from

Rubie Q said...

Yeah, exactly. Any site that links to an article titled "I Want Eric Crouch's Man-Meat In My Mouth" is shit.

Devil's Threesome said...

Don't you have a dog to be watching intently Rubie? Cause that was your excuse for not WALKING three blocks to Bluemound to celebrate the Brewers' first postseason in 26 years.

For the record, I fucking hate Eric Crouch and his quitting, bitch ass. Most embarrassing non-criminal Husker outside of Trev Alberts.

Rubie Q said...

Well, that, and the fact that I had just driven five-and-a-half hours and had to get ready for court in the morning and had explosive diarrhea. Other than that, yeah, I should have been there.

There are non-criminal Huskers?

Devil's Threesome said...

So, what kept you from coming to Bluemound for a beer? You ran home from Murph's to shit after the win over Kentucky.

Bonus points for the originality on the non-criminal Husker comment there Rick Reilly. Should we be expecting a Tiger post next from you?