Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big East Non-Conference Schedule Preview

I don't know why, but I get excited about interesting non-conference match-ups.  What follows is a preview of the big non-conference tests for each team.  I have made no attempt to project match-ups in tournaments.

Nov 28 - vs Florida St
Dec 6 - UAB
Dec 13 - Xavier
Dec 18 - vs. Miss St
Dec 29 - @ Memphis
At least one Big East team is not afraid to schedule some decent non-conference team.  They will also play either Cal or UNLV in a tourney.

Dec 20 - vs. Gonzaga
Feb 7 - Michigan
As per usual, UConn plays all the garbage teams the Northeast has to offer.  They also play in the Paradise Jam, which includes Wisconsin and Miami.

Dec 3 - @ Cal
Dec 13 - vs. UCLA in Anaheim
Dec 22 - vs. St. Louis
Lighter than normal schedule for DePaul.  Old Gill needs a win!  They also play either Creighton or Fresno St in Las Vegas.

November 27 - vs. Wichita St
Dec 13 - Memphis
Jan 17 - @ Duke
Georgetown is another East Coast bully.  They do play in the Old Spice Classic (that's the WSU game), which also includes Maryland, Michigan St, Gonzaga, Oklahoma St, Siena and Tennessee.  That's the best tourney this year.

Nov 30 - vs. Western Kentucky
Dec 18 - vs. Mississippi
Dec 20 - vs. Minnesota
Dec 27 - UAB
Dec 31 - UNLV
Jan 4 - Kentucky
Where's the beef?  UL plays a good number of decent teams, but their non-conference schedule could easily lack any tourney teams.

Nov 28 - vs. Northern Iowa
Nov 29 - vs. Dayton
Dec 6 - Wisconsin
Dec 16 - vs. Tennessee
Dec 22 - @ NC State
Our schedule isn't too bad this year.  I wish the Chicago Invitational was higher profile, but it's close to home so we can't complain.  Adding NC St and Tennessee really, really helps.

Notre Dame
Nov 24 - vs. Indiana in Maui
Dec 6 - vs. Ohio St
Feb 7 - @ UCLA
The ND schedule is not good.  Indiana sucks and tOSU didn't even make the tourney last year.  Kudos for UCLA game though, particularly since it's at Pauley.  The Maui field also includes Alabama, St. Joe's, Oregon, UNC and Texas, which is a damn good field.

Nov 28 - vs. Texas Tech in Legends Classic
Dec 17 - Siena
Dec 21 - @ Florida St
They play either Miss St or Washington St on Nov 29, but both of those teams are suspect.  This schedule is probably the most disappointing in the league.  You are a Top 5 preseason team!  Schedule someone!  When Siena is your best guaranteed game, you should be embarrassed.

Nov 27 - vs. Baylor in Anaheim Classic
Dec 6 - Rhode Island
Dec 20 - @ BC
Another weak one, but Providence is rebuilding, so I can give them a pass.  The Anaheim Classic also includes Charlotte, Wake Forest, Arizona St and St. Mary's, which is a solid field.

Dec 28 - @ UNC
Um, yeah.  Rutgers sucks, but there's no reason they should be playing road games at Princeton and Delaware.

St John's
Nov 18 - @ BC
Dec 27 - Miami
Feb 19 - Duke
Pretty solid for St. John's, but they will get rolled against UM and Duke.

Seton Hall
Nov 20 - vs. USC in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off
Would it kill you schedule a team with a pulse outside the tournament?  The Puerto Rico Tip-Off also includes Missouri, Memphis, Xavier and Virginia Tech.

South Florida
Nov 19 - @ Virginia
Dec 3 - @ UAB
Dec 16 - vs. Vanderbilt
USF plays a ton of road games, which is no surprise when Syracuse draws more for the G-Town game than you do for the whole Big East slate.

Nov 18 - Richmond
Nov 24 - vs. Florida in CBE Classic
Nov 28 - Virginia
Dec 20 - @ Memphis
An absolute jaw-dropping schedule for Syracuse.  Not only do they play in a decent tourney, they play a non-conference road game.  Sweet fancy Moses!  They will play either Washington or Kansas in their other CBE game.

Nov 29 - Penn St or Rhode Island
Nov 9 - vs. Texas
Nov 11 - St. Joe's
At least they play a monster team in Texas, but the rest of the schedule is schlock.

West Virginia
Nov 28 - vs. Iowa
Nov 29 - vs. Kansas St or Kentucky
Dec 3 - @ Mississippi
Dec 7 - vs. Davidson
Dec 27 - @ Ohio St.
Pretty solid for WVU, no really big names, but some decent teams.

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EMoney said...

I give Syracuse props for their non-conf schedule, but is it worth sitting on the bubble again on selection Sunday? While I typically defend the Big East on that day, I'm getting awfully tired of seeing Boeheim piss and moan every year after his team has been left out....not to mention Dicky V's cliche "They got a RAW DEAL!".

And regarding MU's non-conf schedule, while the Tennessee game isn't on their campus it is essentially a home game for them so I would put that as @Tennessee rather than vs. even though the actual schedule may not print it this way.

PS. What happened to Van Lith?