Friday, November 7, 2008

"But It Will Be Good for the City"

Out of morbid curiousity yesterday, I hopped on to check out availability of MU tickets. The UW game is sold out - duh. Most interesting was the glaring lack of ticket sales for the UWM game. Row J seats on the side of the court were available. What wrong UWM fans? Still bitter about the hundo we dropped on you last year? Or are you too depressed that the man that made UWM a "national player," Bud Haidet, is leaving? What a rivalry!

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EMoney said...

After years of "What's up Marquette? Too afraid to play us?", I hope we slap them around again and put up another hundo. It's definitely possible as I believe they are only returning like a few guys that played last year. Although I hear that a couple of the wife beaters and drug addicts that were suspended last year are pretty good and back with the team.

Any further discussions on the Kentucky (not K-Y) road trip? Tickets?