Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day in the life of Buzz Williams


I saw this column(,0,24619.story?page=1) in the Chicago Tribune.

Some interesting notes:
1) Buzz seems like a prick to his support staff
2) McNeal gets hurt he leaves him on the floor and moves the practice to the other end of the court?
3) Buzz is a Bible beater
4) Like devil's parents - he drives an Escalade

For some reason I read this and felt like this doesn't sound like a typical day for a top 25 coach...does it? --a spirtual mentor...seriously?


FPMKE said...

EIGHT sweet teas in one day! No wonder he seems to have such a high energy level. He's going to bounce right out of the Al.

Anybody else stuck working today?

Rubie Q said...


FPMKE said...

Ahh, glad to see you'll be lawyering today. We'll have to come up with some creative posts because I am bored as hell.