Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Mr. Wilson...thanks but no thanks!

From today's JS article:

And Wilson is likely to keep playing for some time after announcing his college choice on March 8 - his mother's birthday. He said he's down to three schools now after doing a little dance with Marquette University that ended last week.

Ok I understand wanting to wait until your mother's birthday, I respect that based on what happened and I'm sorry for your loss, but didn't she have a birthday last March 8th? You could have had all this done last year when your name was still talked about much more. Its not like anything huge was going to change (oh wait...never mind). Besides its still would have only been a verbal.

Treutelaar said Marquette informed Wilson on Oct. 28 that they were no longer offering a scholarship. But two weeks later, Wilson said, the school contacted his father - James "Peanut" Wilson, who played on UW-Whitewater's 1984 NCAA Division III championship team - and said their offer was back on the table.

Um yeah, we can't wait around all year for you and Peanut to make up your minds and if you haven't noticed we are all out of scholly's and I assume we won't be losing anyone next year to transfer so you are SOL.

"That didn't make sense. I didn't really like that," Wilson said. "I told my father to tell them I didn't like them playing head games with me, and I told them they were off my list."

See previous comment. Head games...MU playing head games...we don't have any more scholarships left. maybe we called saying hey we got this Brett kid and he's accepted so we are all out. Sorry! MU really didn't like the fact that we probably offered you when you were in the 8th grade and paid for 50 trips to the BC just so you could remain a recruit, not a signee.

So Wilson will consider Michigan State, Oregon and Texas until decision day. But mostly, he'll be thinking about his senior season.

Enjoy your time in Racine this year...I'm sure you family will enjoy their many trips to East Lansing, Eugene, and Austin in the coming years much more than they'd enjoy the trip up I-94 past the Apple Holler! And one more thing...scoring 100 points a game with a high flying fast paced offense while playing lock down aggressive defense sure looks fun doesn't it?

Oh and congrats to the Big East on an awesome first month of college basketball! Cuse with an awesome win last night over Kansas. Cuse looks solid (except for their lame ass defense) and finally Jim Boehim decided it might be a good idea to play some games in non-conference away from the Dome to help solidify their NCAA resume. Wins over Florida and Kansas will look nice come March. Still looking forward to the annual Cuse meltdown followed by nice conference tourney run followed by NIT semifinals.

Also props to Notre Dame for their nice start. Harongody tried to give away the game last night but they held on. Should be a good matchup tonight against UNC. Hopefully Harongody and Psycho T are ready for one another. Side note: Can the Hoosiers beat Chaminade? That should be a great game as well.


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

FYI-I've changed my screen name for basketball season and will switch between SBTG and Zone is for Pussies based on season.

I didn't read anything in the Quevedo blog charter that prevented us from changing names...I hope that's ok!

FPMKE said...

I actually just a dropped a "what the fuck?" that was heard by a couple people within ear-shot of my office. Thank you for clarifying.

Rubie Q said...

We have a charter?

EMoney said...

Who's the other new guy? I thought we were to have tribal commissions to discuss this sort of thing.....feats of strength or something.

Did Jamil Wilson really say headgames? Marquette lets a scholarship sit on the table for him for 3 years and he calls that head games? I'm glad we don't have this douche! He peaked in 9th grade only because he hit puberty when he was 6 and was a foot taller than everyone early in high school. I'm happier with Maymon than him, who will beat out Wilson AGAIN for Wisconsin's Mr. Basketball.

To Wilson's family whom stated they want to be close to wherever he went to school: Have fun traveling to either Michigan, Texas or Oregon....Ha! I hope you plan on investing in a geo or multiple scooters for these long roadies. Hek, it looked like Lloyd and Harry had fun on their road trip.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...
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Devil's Threesome said...

Way to break the only rule of Quevedo at the Buffet ZoneIsForPussies!

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

ZDifP feels like he doesn't have to play by the rules. He just throws people's names out there. D-bag.

Rubie Q said...


Good God, if we actually DID have a charter, that would be Rule 1.0.

Jesus fuck tit, I'm angry.

EMoney said...

Can I be referred to as "White Chocolate Jesus"?

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

my apologies on the name drop...again! I'll accept double secret probation and won't let it happen again!