Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Ted Thompson

Please address our sieve of a defense next off-season! I know that in recent years you have primarily focused on the offense in hopes of surrounding Aaron Rodgers with as much offensive firepower so that you don't look like as much of a jack ass when you got rid of Brett Favre, but you obviously have biten off more than you can chew. Sure we have depth at WR and TE, which is great, but a number of these guys hardly see the field. Meanwhile, our d-line can't reach the QB with 1 10 foot pole, 1 of our starting linebackers was found on the shoulder of highway 174 in the middle of Ontario, while the other is just another over-rated Big11 player, our "outstanding" corners are approaching their 40th birthdays and are only outstanding because they play 1/2 of their games in the slow slop of lambeau yet get torched on turf, and our safeties have sooo much hair on their head that they can't even see to make an open field tackle. What the F? So I beg you TED, can you please refrain from "accumulating" picks by trading down and stocking up on a bunch of mediocre players and instead take the 10th pick that you'll have next April and select a competent and talented player that can immediately start and be a mainstay in our defense for years to come? Also, try not to take someone that hasn't played for like 14 months due to injury even though he looked awesome in that Bowl game against Oregon St. the previous season.

Here's to rebuilding our defense!


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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

That was an excellent way to put it. There are about 3 or 4 players on that defense that are holding up their end of the job on a consistent basis. I can't believe how much everyone loves our corners. I really wonder if they watch many of our games. Hawk isn't great, but playing inside has helped. It's a mess. What about that offense thou... oh wait. Sorry. We aren't gong to talk about that what with the stockpiling and the fact that they are supposed to be good.