Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

I don't know why, but I can't shake the feeling that Marquette is embarking upon a rough year compared to our previous performances. I know, I’m the negative guy around here along with Rubie, but I see some very concerning things. I think we’ll make the tournament, but I believe we’ll be a double digit seed and finish around 9-9 or 10-8 in the league. Here are my concerns

No frontcourt – we don’t even have bodies! O’Tule and Burke, that’s it. I would kill for Chris Grimm right now. O’Tule fouled out in 15 minutes versus CSU-Pueblo. What happens when both O’Tule and Burke have two fouls with 12 minutes left in the first half? Need I remind everyone that the Big East include Hasheem Thabeet and Luke Harangody, plus the 18 or so 6-9 wings from U of L. Yuck.

New coach – I love what Buzz has done on the recruiting trail, but he’s the most inexperienced coach in a league of legends. Pitino, Huggins, Calhoun, Boeheim. Christ, the second tier includes the likes of Dixon and Wright. By the way, DeCourcey was on 1250 yesterday morning. The d-bag Michigan guy, you know, the one with the “girlfriend” named Katie, asked DeCourcey if the Big 11 had the best collection of coaches in the nation. DeCourcey gave him the biggest bitch slap ever and said that the Big East coaches were better “because they actually get good players to play for them. The 15-25th best players in the Big East would be all conference players in the Big 11.” He didn’t even mention the national titles and Final Four appearances
Injury bug already – Fulce could help out, but he’s out until mid-December and Cubby is still hobbled, not a good start

Schedule – anyone else see the final 5 games? UConn, Pitt, UL, Georgetown and Syracuse? Ick! We better be in good shape by then
Lack of 3-point threat – Let’s face it, the Big 3 can’t shoot the trey, at all. Cubby can get hot and his shoulder really hampered him last year, but how do we get him on the court? Hayward can hit the three, but, as I’ve said, he’s very smart and selective with it – we can’t have him throwing up bombs or we have zero chance at offensive boards

I took a step in the right direction with being positive last year. Outside of a couple of meltdowns (home against DePaul and BET against Seton Hall), I kept the faith. I’m still keeping the faith, but really downgrading my expectations this year.

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EMoney said...

If I didn't know any better, I would think that Rubie wrote this.

I am going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on this one....even though i've seen some "experts" agree with you and say we are going to take a step back this year.

1. You bring up the size issue (naturally). But honestly, how much have we really changed from last year? Sure we lost 6'9" Ousmane and 6'9" Fitzgerald (big deal), but lets look at this objectively. So you're saying that the combination of Barro, Burke, and Fitz is far superior to Burke, O'Tule, and Hazel? Ousmane brought what 6 pts and like 4-5 boards/game, while Fitzy brought like 5 pts and 2 boards...and I think I'm being generous here. So here's why I disagree. Burke is going to give us exactly what Barro did at the end of the day. I in fact think that Burke is a superior rebounder/defender and isn't as clumsy as Barro. Hek, how easily we forget that 2 "big" games that Burke had alot of PT in, we dominated the boards (Stanford and at Wisconsin....2 of the "bigger" teams in the nation and outsized us substantially). So if we concede Burke and Barro a wash on defense and boards, it's virtually O'Tule/Hazel vs. Burke/Fitz. While O'Tule is still raw, I think by conference play he will contribute substantially on the boards. I could go on more with my argument but am finding it will take way too long and it's really not a fight worth fighting, but my point would have been that we are essentially the same in that area, but by the end of the year we will be better off than last year in my opinion.

Why we're better: If Jerel and Lazar continue to grow and play like they were in March of last year, they will be much better players and provide a lot more fire power than ever before. So if Dom and Wes are the same old guys, we automatically are a better team offensively.

Sure the Big East is arguably the deepest and toughest it has ever been, but while other teams have improved, I think that we have as well. We need to remember the "senior" factor here. 3 years of experience goes a long ways in college hoops. Many of the tourney's Cinderella teams are senior laden, so we can do the same. Our record wasn't outstanding last year, but we had a couple of tough losses that very well could have and probably should have been wins. Look at Georgetown, at Notre Dame, and against Stanford. 3 of the top 15 teams in the land.....all of which were horrible matchups for us, yet it took 2 miracle shots and a fumbled pass by Blackledge for us to lose those games. Needless to say, it will be tough.....this league is always tough, but we wanted this. We may pile up a couple of extra losses due to the brutality of the schedule, but by the time The Dance rolls around I think the 4 seniors are going to be on an absolute mission! I think the 4 of them (including Lazar) have the toughness to make a hell of a run, and I think Jerel is going to be the one to make it happen.