Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm scared!

Through 4 games our starting center Mr. Dwight Burke has 8 pts, 10 boards, 15 fouls, and is only averaging 13 minutes per game. Yikes! I know with the supporting cast around him he doesn't exactly need to be superman, but this trend cannot continue when we start playing better competition. I've got no answer for this one. Thanks Mbakwe.

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Devil's Threesome said...

this is what worries me more than anything else.

A huge case in point was the UW-UConn game. From watching that, the easy answer against UW would be to press the hell out of them. Our guards stack up with what UConn has and UW doesn't have a plethora of great ballhandlers. The difference is that UConn had Thabeet to control the entire paint area if UW broke the press. Could Burke do that? Hell, fucking no. He'd foul them or give up the easy bucket instead of scaring them away.

Every game against a decent team will be a dogfight. We have to run people into the ground. Improved 3 point shooting would help too.

Our 1-4 guys match up with ANYONE in the country. I firmly believe that. But our ridiculous lack of talent, size and total number of bodies at the 5 pulls us back to the rest of the pack. That's why I continue to have a bad feeling about this season.