Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kings of Leon Show Review – The Lost Post.

[Rubie sez: D3S mentioned that he had written a review of the Kings of Leon show from, oh, about three weeks ago, but had accidentally deleted it. Or so he thought. Through the wonders of the Interweb's "auto save" feature, I bring you Kings of Leon Show Review – The Lost Post:]

So, Rubie Q and I headed to the Rave last night for the Kings of Leon concert. A couple observations through the prism of my advancing age:

  • The Rave is dirty, ugly, smelly, sticky and flat out gross. I effing love that place
  • Tickets were $40 including Ticketmaster charges - I blame the new administration in waiting for that pinko BS
  • The Whigs and We are Scientists opened - they were loud, really freaking loud. Rubie and I retreated to the bar so we could actually talk
  • Three words sum up KoL: sweat, sex, testosterone
  • Rock stars should not have haircuts like KoL - they are all obviously visiting stylists named Ramon
  • I had no clue so many chicks liked KoL. Holy googily moogily. Young, fit, hourglass shaped, buxom, drunk girls. I justified my ogling with this comment, "Yeah, I know I'm engaged, but really, even if I wasn't, I still wouldn't talk to them so this isn't wrong."
  • I still like girls with curly hair
  • Apparently, the KoL girl fan dress code includes tights, a skin tight white long sleeve shirt and a black leatherish vest. I vote in favor of this garb - it really accentuates the plummage
  • My doppleganger (where's the umlaut when you need it?) was there. Hofbrauhaus 2001 shirt, full zip hoodie - what a d-bag. He probably likes Tennessee or some other hillbilly, fallen from grace college football team
  • In positive developments - I drank 6 beers and was still able to get into work at 6:45 today sans hangover


Devil's Threesome said...

Major huzzahs to Rubie Q for re-viving my post. I hope it doesn't put people to sleep like the non-conference game post most assuredly will.

Rubie Q said...

I really don't like the term "sell-out," but when Kings of Leon came out with their new haircuts and tailored, button-down shirts and started playing their new, radio-friendly music, that's the only word I could think of. I liked the boys better when I couldn't understand what they were saying.

And they didn't play "Spiral Staircase," which is simply the best song ever written about a staircase in a brothel. Or about Amsterdam. Or maybe about killing someone by pushing him/her down the stairs. I'm not really sure. Like I said, that was in their incomprehensible singing hey-day.