Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Q@daB Road Trip!!

Charlie Weis's Gunt and I will be in beautiful, world famous Hoffman Estates, Illinois this weekend to see Marquette take on two opponents that pass the "Well, they are a step up from Chicago State" test. MU will face Northern Iowa (drat, still a directional school) and Dayton.

Let's take a trip down Dayton memory lane.
I am hoping to exact revenge on Dayton for their heartbreaking defeat our fearless Dwyane Wade led heroes in 2003. That game will live in infamy for "Give him the keys to the gym," "You got nobody that can do that," "Shut the hell up before I rip those braces off your face" and "We showed you our bibs, now you show us yours." CW'sG also flipped off a well-wishing Dayton fan. So much for Catholic school collegiality.
Here's the recap from
It's hard to believe, but we had a serious crisis on our hands after this game. We had just lost back-to-back games on the road and there was some serious hand wringing going on. Also, check out the box score from that game. What in the wide world of sports was Chris Grimm doing playing 13 minutes to Steve Novak's paltry 4 minutes of run? Dwade shot 8-23 with 5 turnovers and Diener went 4-15 from the field. Ick!

Midweek game at the Bradley Center resulted in a 73-51 MU romp. This game is most memorable for the best game sign I have ever seen: "We Destroyed Brooks Hall." So appropriate because of their swingman, Brooks Hall, and the fact that MU had just torn down the former union, Brooks Hall.

Our series terminated with UD after 2003 because they got all pissy b/c we moved the UW game the next year to accomodate ESPN. Apparently, some bad blood persists between the athletic departments. MU leads the all time series 21-13.

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Charlie Weis's Gunt said...

Don't forget Mr. USC running around the Holiday Inn Express in the dinosaur costume at 1am, and the same Mr. USC prank phone calling the 15 year old girls in the next room until 3am.