Monday, November 24, 2008

The Return of the Windbreaker

Judas Crean is wearing the windbreaker again tonight in Maui.  Additionally, It's Indiana, It's Indiana is getting whaled on 63-35 in the 2nd half.  Let's go Irish!


Rubie Q said...

I ain't gon' lie. That one felt nice.

I hope Crean gets attacked by the smoke creature from "Lost" while he's on the island.

FPMKE said...

Is that Sly-dell right above Crean's head?

EMoney said...

No wonder the guy took the Indiana job.....he wanted to go to the Maui invitational again to work on his tan. Not only was it nice to watch Tom in his windbreaker, it was great seeing Harangody's family again. They aren't annoying at all. It's like Mike Wilkerson's girlfriend that's in the band all over again....and Mike's going to be a dairy farmer. Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit.

Congrats to the Irish for beating up on Crean, the Huskies for laying the smack on Bucky, and the Orange (even though I can't stand Devendorf) for taking down the Gators. The Big East is representing nicely thus far.