Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Just In:

The Marquette - Chicago State game was a vignette of what we can expect in Season One of the Buzz Regime. After all, nothing allows one to make sweeping generalizations about everything from Coach Buzz's defensive philosophy to his clock management like a game against a team from the Great West League.

At least that's what certain commenters at the Scout board would have you believe, anyway.

Lookit: in a game like this, two things matter: (1) win, and (2) don't get injured -- and they're not necessarily in that order. We accomplished both goals last night. End of story, thank you, drive home safe -- good night now.

Also: I think Wes will average 24 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals a game this year. I can say this with complete confidence after two games.


EMoney said...

Holy Sh*t! Was that optimism Rubie? I have to agree though. We won the game (by a nice margin I might add) and we didn't further the damage on the injury front. I can't stand it when people overanalyze an early non-conference game against a team that we play once every couple of decades. Yeah, MU gave up 87 points......and we still won by 19! The fact of the matter is, early non-conference is a time to experiement with rotations and try different defensive assignments in order to find the best combinations for conference play. This is especially important due to the amount of injuries we have had thus far. So when people bitch about Buzz' "defensive philosophy" after 2 games we need to remember that we are 2-0, scoring an avg of 100+ ppg, and while it was Chicago State, they have the returning 2nd leading scorer in college hoops in Holston and he wasn't exactly broke last night. He was actually pretty damn good and made me wonder why he's playing at Chicago State.

Also, after 2 non-conference games, Bucky fans are already jumping on any opportunity to knock us. Poking fun at the 87 points that we allowed Chicago State to put up....even though we won by 19! I guess they do have a reason to talk after the impressive 11 point victory over UW-Whitewater and the 68-61 shootout versus Long Beach State! Tools! I can't wait to kick their ass in December. I think I'm going to go out and buy a T-shirt for whatever crappy bowl game they get into to wear that day. They must be proud of that 8th place finish in the Big11 this year.

Grgg...explain to me how a team that goes 3-5 in an AWFUL conference still gets a bowl game. If I'm a Badger fan, I'm embarassed to even accept one. Although, they should be able to put a nice stamp on their bowl-bid by playing Cal-State Poly this weekend. Are you kidding me? NCAA football....specifically Big10 football is so fraudulent.

Rubie Q said...

People seem to forget than we're playing with NINE guys right now, one of whom is coming off serious shoulder surgery and a tweaked Achilles, and another of whom was playing juco ball at this time last year. No wonder our defense got a little sloppy in the second half.

Also, as to the Badgers: I was in attendance to see the Gophs piss the game away on Saturday (and I managed not to get arrested!), and, while the Badgers were parading around with the Axe, the announcer says: "And with this win, the Badgers are now BOWL ELIGIBLE!" And, like the mindless sheep that they are, the Badger fans started cheering wildly -- until they realized what they were cheering for. "We were a Top 15 team that struggled to win six games this year! Kick ass!"

EMoney said...

BTW - Why is it that the Crew of Ed Hightower, Tim Higgins, etc. always do our home games? They always have been and continue to be horrible at their job! I'm not saying that last night was lopsided one way or the other, but Jesus Shuttlesworth let the guys play a little! 50+ fouls for a game is ridunculous! Does their work ever get scrutinized by a superior? I suppose it is a little subjective, but I cannot stand that crew in particular!

I will say, however, that our team continues to guard the ball FAR too close when the player is like 25+ feet away from the basket. Why do James/Acker/Cubillan have to ride the opponent with the ball all the way up court. The officials always call that bump and/or hand checking so why continue with it. It's just not necessary. Buzz is stressing that due to our lack of size and depth that we need to foul less and not waste fouls. I suggest that he starts here. There's no reason to hump a PG when he's at half-court. It's just silly.

Devil's Threesome said...

A couple of things. I was starting to get aggressive on the Scout board last night. After two posts I went to bed and then couldn't get to sleep because I was so pissed off at the idiocy of the board. People were saying we had no shot to beat ND, that we were wretched defensively and someone started a sarcastic post that we were Final Four material. Settle. The. Fuck. Down. I'm not even worried yet.

There are too many bowls in college football, I agree. But, this is America and the bowls are run as a business. If some tourism board guys in Detroit can start a bowl, find a TV partner, get two crappy Big 11 & MAC teams and somehow turn a profit - more power to them. Is the football great? No? Is is good for the game? Why not? It gives the middling teams three more weeks of practice, which can only make them better for the next year. Bottom line - don't watch the bowls if you think they are crappy.

UW fans are water heads if they were cheering for being bowl eligible. That PA announcement would result in domestic abuse and garbage fires in Lincoln.

Devil's Threesome said...

E - neither Hightower or Higgins were officiating last night. Burr wasn't even there.

EMoney said...

Ahhhh - I misinterpreted Rosiak's blog when he said that the crowd was booing AS IF Hightower and Higgins were in the building. My bad.

Bowl games - I totally agree with the fact that monetarily, 30 bowl games makes sense. The NCAA just rakes on even the worst games. I just don't understand how earning a bowl bid defines success for a season. Take the Bucky fans for example: 4 months ago their faithful were talking national championship possibilities (even the media had them top 10 and competing for the Big 10 championship). Now, according to Rubie, they go bananas over becoming "bowl eligible" because earning a bowl bid is essentially like making the playoffs. In my opinion, their season was a complete failure. But who am I to judge? Whatever floats their boat I guess. I just can't wait to see what kind of mess the BCS winds up in this year. According to an ESPN interview yesterday or so, President elect Obama is going step in and ensure that some sort of playoff system is established. Finally, a president that does his job!

Rubie Q said...

Let me be accurate: the Badger Drones were cheering for about 3 seconds after the announcement about bowl eligibility was made, then they collectively seemed to realize what an indictment of their season it was.

The best analogy I can come up with is this: say the rock band comes out and plays a song, and the crowd is going nuts, and then the lead singer screams: "Hello, Cleveland!" And the people keep going nuts for a few seconds, only to realize: "Fuck the heck? We're in Milwaukee!" And the cheering stops.