Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bronzed Shrimp No. 4: The Nominees.

The category:

Most Inspiring Coaching Collapse by a Man Who Strikingly Resembles the Mascot of the University for Which He Coaches, or a Clueless Frat Boy Who Continues to Find New and Exciting Ways to Embarrass His School, a.k.a. The Best Fuck-Up by Bo or Bielema award:

Your nominees:

(1) Bo's stink-bomb against Davidson: 2008 Sweet Sixteen. ("You mean that Curry kid can shoot? Hmm. Maybe we should put somebody on him.")

(2) Bo gets outcoached by Buzz: December 6, 2008. ("That looks like a zone. Is that a zone? That looks like a zone. Are they playing zone? God, that looks like a zone. Hold on, gimme 10 minutes, and we can figure out if they're playing a zone. Then we figure out how to attack it!")

(3) Bielema's boys shit the bed against Michigan. ... a team that lost to Toledo. At home.

(4) Bielema's potty mouth vs. Michigan State. (Good time to decide to give the zebra a piece of your mind, numbnuts.)

(5) The entire 2008 Badger football season. NOW FEATURING:
  • A loss to the worst Michigan team in 90 years!
  • Last-minute collapses vs. Ohio State and Michigan State!
  • Drubbings by Iowa and Penn State!
  • A last-minute escape ... against Cal Poly. At home. In the last week of the season.
  • A disembowelment (is that a word? Does it work here? WHO CARES?!?) by Florida State in the Champs Sports Bowl!
  • And, not to be forgotten: a preseason, Top 15 ranking!
And there's no need to pinch yourselves, Badger fans -- you get Bret Bielema for at least one (and probably two) more years!

Gentlemen, your nominees. Discuss.


Devil's Threesome said...

My vote is for #5.
Interesting that Rubie has changed his tune on the zone. I believe was saying it had no bearing on the outcome a couple of weeks ago. Just sayin'...

FPMKE said...

I don't really like Bo and he certainly looks like a Badger. However, the reasons for #5 are too compelling... I vote #5.

Rubie Q said...

Hey now -- I still don't think the zone was a good idea -- not against a good three-point shooting team. I was not anticipating Coaching Savant Bo's response (or lack thereof) to the zone, though. He looked like he'd never seen one before.

Oh, and: I vote #5, too.

Ice Fishing with Kirby said...

#1-4 good space fillers
#5 is the only choice

EMoney said...

Has to be #5. A Preseason #15 ranking, with talk of national championship (only within the state of WI of course), and 17 returning starters. What a joke! His collapse is Munsonesque. Barry Alvarez hands this hardly 30 year old the keys to a consistently successful program and he pisses it down the drain. Funny thing is it's going to get worse. They now lose more than half of their starters and how can you recruit/sell your team when you get spanked in bowl games and can hardly scratch off victories in the Big11. I personally am enjoying it.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

#5. Hands down.