Monday, December 15, 2008

Calling Mel Kiper and Todd McShay

What the hell has happened to the Packers? I don't want to get into the intricacies of the game such as play calling or the communication between the players as that would take too long and simply be a repeat of the previous 4 games. So I leave this question to those of you who thought I was crazy when I predicted that we would go 6-10 this year. What has happened to make a team that was a FG away from going to the SuperBowl to a team that is going to have a top 10 pick in the draft? Is Brett Favre the difference between a 13 win season and a 6 win season? Is it coaching? Lack of leadership? Is it our horrible GM? Anyhow, we suck and can probably start discussing how the draft will shake down. What's the over under on how many times Thompson trades down this year? I'll set it at 2.5.


Rubie Q said...

I see two things, primarly:

One, we were a remarkably healthy team last year. Did we have any major players who missed any significant amount of time? I can't think of anybody off the top of my head.

Two, as Reid has pointed out many a time, we got every fucking break imaginable last year. Christ, just think about the Denver game: if Cutler doesn't one-hop that pass to Brandon Marshall, we lose. Then there was the Kansas City game ... I dunno. It was a charmed season. This one? Not so much.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

What makes you so sure we are going to win one more game? I don't think either game is a gimme.

Fire Mike McCarthy today!

EMoney said...

Rub: For #1, total cop out answer. If Mike McCarthy gives that answer he is probably fired on the spot. We've had what, 2 significant injuries? 1 on each side of the ball. The drop off shouldn't be 7-8 wins steep. Not to mention I've never heard Bill Belichick bitch about injuries. They have been absolutely decimated by injuries this year and will still have a winning record and probably make the playoffs. For #2, a break here or there doesn't win you 13 games. Good teams usually win the close games....which they did last year. Even if 2 are taken away they still win 11.....5-6 more than this year.

Sheets VaJ: Bears will beat us, but I predict we will beat Detroit. Although wouldn't it be fitting that Detroit avoids being put in the record books by beating the Pack in the last game of the season? Honestly, I hope they lose them both. It's time to mail it in. What the hell, give Brohm some pt.