Sunday, December 28, 2008

Favre flop '09 begins...

Wow, a lot going on in the NFL today. I was happy to see the Packers avoid going down in infamy as the only team to lose to the Lions. It was nice to be able to send Sly-dell a "congrats on winning the division" text... fucking Vikings. The Bears blew a 10-0 lead, lost horribly, and then had the extra kick in the junk of the needed but unlikley wild-card scenario play out (Tampa lost, Dallas lost)... nice work guys; a win would have been great after I froze my ass off watching you Monday night.

FPMKE's most extreme elimination of the day came when the Jets lost. I was just watching a little SportsCenter and enjoyed the Favre postgame flip flop. It came down to not wanting to make the hasty decision based on the disappointing results but also not wanting to take too long. Hmmmm... indecisiveness from Brett Favre at the end of a season? I've never seen this before. He always came off as a shoot-from-the-hip, tell-it-like-it-is, kind of guy. Anyway, I expect a decision to come sometime in 2009 so it can be referred to as "Favre flop '09".

On a side note, came across another blog while looking for a good Favre photo and trying to spot the blog E-money was referring to The Bucky Channel . Seems to be pretty interesting and,from what I can tell, actually gives honest info about MU.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

That presser afterwards was great. I have a feeling the Jets don't want him back so now he is going to play it out so it seems like he is in control. What a flop. 2 big pics in a game they needed. Sounds so familiar. I remember when I was a big Favre apologist. Weird.

EMoney said...

Sorry, I should have specified that the Bucky blog that I was referring to was the one on JSonline.