Sunday, December 28, 2008

For your entertainment

If anyone is looking for a little chuckle I suggest reading the Badger Blog concerning their stellar Bowl performance against Florida St. The sky is falling in Madison and not just on the football field. The commies are even starting to turn on Bo. It's priceless!

Also, what's everyone's opinion on the Louisville game? I was looking for tix on ebay and actually found some quasi reasonable prices. It's 2 months away, but it will come quick so if we want to make it happen we should get the ball rolling.

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Rubie Q said...

The best post I saw was some Bucky apologist claiming that they were two lost fumbles away from a 28-27 game.

Fuck the heck? I must've missed the part where the BADgers were going to score two touchdowns, but lost the ball at the one yard line. That team, with that quarterback, wasn't scoring more than one touchdown yesterday.

This is delicious.