Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goals for the Year

So, what does this MU team need to do to please you, as a fan, this year?

My goals for this team are as follows:
  • Top 6 Big East finish
  • Second round tourney game
  • Win at least one game at the BET
  • 7-2 home record in conference play
  • Beat Wisconsin and Notre Dame

I would be ecstatic with a Sweet 16 appearance, but won't be disappointed if we only win one game. I still think we are a flawed team and really need the proper matchup to have a really successful season.

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EMoney said...

My rebuttle:

1. Top 6 Big East finish - Agreed. This conference is particularly brutal this year, and we don't have a favorable enough schedule to do some real damage in my opinion.

2. 2nd round tourney game - I expect a little more this year. Yes we are the same team as last year, and need a favorable draw (Ha! When was the last time we came out saying it was a good draw?), but we took what was the worst possible matchup last year in Stanford and nearly took them down. With 5 upperclassman starters, I expect at least sweet 16. Although, if we finish in the middle of the pack in the Big East and end up with 8-9 seed it may be tough to make it through the 1st weekend.

3. Win 1 game at the BET - Agreed. I reference the tough conference again.

4. 7-2 at home in BE play - Agreed, but to have a very successful season in my opinion, 8-1 would be necessary. If we go 8-1, we are probally competing for the top 4 in the Big East. That would be huge!

5. Beat WI and ND - Personal victories are great, and we already took care of WI, but I'd prefer to look at the big picture. If we can have a winning record against WI, Tenn, ND, UConn, UL, Pitt, G'Town, WV, Nova, and Syr, we will be sitting pretty.

Everyone says that we are flawed, but if take what we have and spin it into an advantage like we did on Saturday night rather than feel outmanned, we can be very dangerous I think. Not to mention we wouldn't be the first. Nova was small a few years ago, and they were successful. And I believe Arizona had a team in the late 90's/early 00's that was small but was tough as hell. We just need to make teams try to matchup with us rather than vice versa. Having Fulce and O'Tule in the near future should improve us as well.