Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Win, Ugly Game

Random thoughts on the game:

-Burke-played nice game again vs Bucky...couple big boards, helpd shut down Landry, hit some big throws again

-Free Throws-We made more than they shot...repeat...we made more than they shot.

-Swing-Extending our defense (and not the soft press like we thought) really caused issues with theym running their offense. Bucky looked very timid with the ball and very timid about taking shots except for the first 7 minutes of the game.

-James-Kept us in the game in the first half

-McNeal-Absolute fucking stud in the second half. They kept running the double screen for him and they couldn't stop them.

-Krabbenhoft and Landry-Thanks for coming...combined 9 points. Way to be team leaders boys.
-JayBo-You really fucking suck but I love how you made another pointless shot at the buzzer to toally fuck over Reid and his wager with Curtin.

-Refs-Yeah the refs had some questionable calls but I think they went both ways. Atleast they were relatively consistent with the charge calls.

-Coach Buzz-Game started out rough but overall had a great game plan for today. Burke on Landry was huge, kept running double ball screen on Rel (if it aint broke don't fix it), kept switching defenses to keep Bucky off guard. Also think he's a class act...after the game instead of the obligatory fly by hand shake we've seen from our previous coach, Buzz stopped and talked to Bo for atleast 10-15 seconds and did the same to several players.

Overall a fantastic win for the pysche of our team and some of our players. Let's take care of the rest of the cupcakes and put up a good showing against NC State and Tennessee and get a win in one game and bring on the Beast where we can get off to a nice start in conference with the 2 home games against Nova and Cincy.


EMoney said...

Agreed! Offensively, we played below average and we still managed to win a game against a very good team. I give Buzz an 'A' for coaching in what was likely his biggest game as a head coach at Marquette thus far. He had a very difficult task in matching up with their size, yet successfully shut down their best all around player in landry(who took only 5 shots). To further that point, Wisconsin's size in general was a non-factor. We outrebounded them, made more FT's than they took (shocker), and I believe we had more points in the paint than they did.....the perfect formula in beating Wisconsin. I also liked how Buzz threw in the 1-3-1 zone.....and it was effective! If I remember correctly, Crean couldn't teach these guys zone to save his life, but Buzz can do it in 2 months with these guys? I foresee that tactic to be very useful down the road for these guys.

Most Valuable Player - Jerel McNeal (obviously): The Jerel of last March came out in the 2nd half. He was aggressive and did you see how fired up he was getting after he'd knock down some shots? He wasn't going to let his team lose that night!

Unsung Hero - Dwight Burke: Career high in minutes played, and while he didn't stuff the box score, neither did Landry, Leuer, or Nankivil.....due to Burke's steady defense down low. I suspect Buzz' tactic on Dwight was to completely break him down in the early parts of the season and then build him back up starting in the Wisconsin game. I will be pleased if he can continue to play like that the rest of the year.

Well, Buzz has taken down Bo Ryan. Bruce Pearl is next. If we can manage to get a W there, I think that it's safe to say that we will be ok this year in the Big East. Should be another good game.

EMoney said...

I forget to give props to Lazar.....13 f-ing rebounds! 6'6" and he outrebounded Landry, Leuer, and Nankivil combined. Good thing they've got all that size. Ha! Once again, F the Badgers!

Devil's Threesome said...

I'm happy. I started to comment, but it was too long, so I'll start a new post tonight.