Monday, December 22, 2008

My GD Beer Froze... my nuts too

Monday Night Football on the Miller Lite Deck... awesome but extremely cold. At game time 7 degrees with a -12 wind chill. My issues with the cold temp started when I obtained my first beer and proceeded to make fun of the A-hole next to me who had given up on a half frozen beer and left it on a ledge... sad and pathetic. It was about two sips into my own beer that I realized ice crystals were forming on my Miller Lite. My new goal was to finish my beer prior to it reaching full freeze so I didn't get any lip. The Titanic beer was cold and the crystals burned my throat on the way down. Ultimately, I think I finished 10.5 of the 12 ounces before giving up on the frozen remains.

A very strong crowd given the temperature. A good number of Packer fans respresenting on the Miller Deck. It was classic to hear them harass the Bears fans at the half. It was also at this point that I realized wearing my tennis shoes rather than boots was a horrendous idea. I retired to the nearest bar for slightly warmer beers and frost-bite prevention (read: I'm a big cold pussy). It was at this bar that I learned that hispanics do not like Aaron Rodgers.

Did anyone see how big Alex Brown's hands are? It looked like an oversized tennis racket batting down that field goal attempt.


Rubie Q said...

Why didn't you bring a flask in? Could have irished up a hot cocoa for your date -- you would have been a hit.

FPMKE said...

The lady was in charge of bringing the flask. She brought blackberry brandy because she hear "that's what Wisconsin people drink to keep warm"

On a side note, when I suggested that peppermint schnaaps would have made a good hot cocoa additive her response was "yeah, but schnaaps doesn't have a high enough alcohol content".

Rubie Q said...

Ohhhh, you've got a keeper there. Good work.