Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NC State Observations

Some observations from last night
  • I need to get over it, I really do. We won't have a game where all Three Amigos are "on." That's just too much to ask. But damn, it's really nice to have 4 scoring options. One of those guys will step up every night. The key is getting that second guy to step up...

  • Which leads me to James. The dude frustrates me at times, but I've spent a ton of time and energy defending him. We don't "score the basketball" without him on the floor. He is our go-to guy in the clutch, hands down

  • Hazel brought a lot of energy to the game, that's a great step. We don't expect much, but a couple of steals, a block and four points is a damn good night for Pat Hazel

  • Our defense is an abomination. Every team lights us up. We needed 20 turnovers (many unforced) to win the game. NC State shot over 50% and "For the Love of the Game" Costner shot 9-10 from the field - yikes. We can't handle guys who are 6'8" and can move. Paging Lazar Hayward

  • Play of the game was the double screen set by Burke on the last play. The shot was nice, but Burke adjusting to the attempted double team won us the game. That's senior leadership - 1) James recognized the double team and 2) Burke reacted and re-set the screen. Ball game, beautiful!

  • I have no clue why ANYONE would follow our post players out on that screen play. We annihilated Aaron Gray with it a couple years ago as well. Memo - MU can't shoot and bringing your big guy that far out only clears a path for our guards to drive and score. Let's get that lardass Blair to do the same thing when we go to Pitt

  • That would have been the ultimate roadie to attend - wowsers

  • Judicious three point shooting last night - I can't think of a bad attempt - though Jerel had some dumb shots right inside the arc


EMoney said...

I expressed my frustration last night when Costner was going off and I can't quite figure out whether it's poor defense or just dumb luck. And I am going to defend our defense and put it on dumb luck. You put Costner in a practice situation and he might hit 50+% of his 3's. The dude hit's 9 3's all year(an avg. of 1/game), yet he goes 5 for 5 against us. Sure some were wide open, but others were contested and he was still draining it every time. Same goes for Chism. I think that for whatever reason, we just happen to get struck by lightning more than once.....like that dude in The Great Outdoors....ssssssixsssixtyssssixtysixtimes. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. That french a-hole on Alabama in the first round of the tourney 3 years ago......Brooke Lopez and his crazy ass prayers that happen to fall. You just have to shake your head. When are we going to have that guy that comes out of nowhere to win us a game? Because I seriously doubt that Dwight Burke is going to put up 20+ on say Louisville on 8 for 10 shooting. I suppose Butler could potentially do it.

Rubie Q said...

Once is bad luck. Twice could be coincidence. But we've now had FOUR GUYS light us up -- the kid from Chicago State, the JUCO from Dayton, Chism, and now "Tin Cup."

That's not bad luck. That's a bad habit.

Devil's Threesome said...

The guy from Chicago St was legit - he's the leading returning scorer in D1 from last year. The other 3 are ridiculous.

Anyone else dig my Dom James label?

Rubie Q said...

No doubt he's legit. But we're supposed to have one of the premier, lock-down guards in the game. That being the case, shouldn't we at least hold him to a number near his season average?

Your Dom James label was too long. I gave up halfway through.

Devil's Threesome said...

He was hitting fade away treys from NBA range - not much you can do there.

America's youth is so lazy today - it's puts the lotion in the basket!

Rubie Q said...

Youth? Have you seen my hairline?

EMoney said...

No, when guys like Costner and Chism shoot 9 of 10 or 9 of 11 and over half of which are jumpers/3 pointers (especially when they're hitting all of their 3's and they're not 3 pt shooters) I would call that bad luck not bad defense. They wouldn't be able to shoot like that in a game of horse. Sometimes guys get hot and there's nothing you can do about it.