Monday, December 8, 2008

News & Notes

Marquette is back in the top 25 in both polls after spending 1 week with one foot in the door and one out.....F the coaches poll. That Dayton loss was really untimely. While we all know that Dayton is a pretty good squad this year, losing to an unranked A-10 squad by double digits at a neutral site while all the other ranked teams are essentially still beating up on cupcakes, leads to us dropping 10+ spots in the standings (still harsh, but understandable). If we lose to them after beating Wisconsin we are probally still hanging around 15-20 now that a bunch of top 25 teams have losses. Anyhow, I suppose the rankings don't really mean anything anyways.

For those of you that may be interested, there's a pretty sweet ~3-4 min. video clip about Junior Cadougan on Cracked Sidewalks that was posted the other day. He looks really impressive and I guarantee he starts day 1! It's definitely worth checking out. They also cited a Houston area paper that discussed Erik Williams great start to the season. According to them, Williams has scored 30+ points in the last 6 games including a 40 point effort in one of those outings. He was a pretty high recruit when he first committed, but slipped down the rankings due to his injury that was sufferred in the beginning of last season that put him out for the year. I think that it's safe to say that he has healed properly and is back to form. It's nice to get some good news on the injury front for a change.

Speaking of injuries.......did everyone notice that Fulce and O'tule dressed for the game on Saturday night? Rosiak said that they practiced full-out during pre-game. Good to hear! Did any of you arrive early enough to see this? Hopefully they will be ready for the Tennessee game. That would at least give them ~3 games to get loose before conference play starts.

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Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

According to Buzz post-game's comments he wanted those 2 to be suited up and get out there pre-game and get in the flow of the game and exictment rather than be stuck on the bench. Apparently, Fulce is doing individual work-outs and O'Toole can work out without his boot for only 3 hours a day. So it sounds like they are a little ways away from being ready to go.

PS-I love hearing guys like Krabby and Landry saying we are a physical team and attack the glass like they've never seen before. You can overcome a lack of size when it comes to rebounding if you have guards that rebound like we do (along with Burke, Hazel and Lazar).