Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh how things have changed...

Just a year ago things seemed to be going quite swimingly in the land of all things Packers.  Our team was the youngest in the NFL, but they were playing great football on their way to a 13 - 3 record.  Greg Jennings was becoming an even bigger stud and turning into what we see today.  Mike McCarthy, while being a worthless piece of crap, didn't seem like such a worthless piece of crap.  And, our veteran gunslinger quarterback was having a resurgence of sorts and would have been in the MVP if it wasn't for Tom Brady.

I bet you are wondering why I'm going down a painful memory lane.  Well, I got this year's version of the Sportsman of the Year Sports Illustrated.  Aquaman himself, Michael Phelps, is on the cover.  I'm not sure I can argue with that.  Sure, he might seem like a big douche, but... USA, USA, USA, USA!  Well, last year our own Brett Favre was on the cover.  It kind of seemed like an odd choice even for some of us diehard Packers fans, but we loved it anyway.  This season didn't seem real at times so why not have this happen.

Then that dude did what some of us expected and retired.  Fine.  Odd timing what with him ruining our season with a stupid pass and deciding not to come back to a team that, with him, would be pegged as a top contender for the NFC title.  Most of us made our peace with it and moved on.  We all know what happened next.  No need to go into the boring and heart wrenching details.

Now our beloved Packers and 5 - 7 and grasping for air in a piss poor NFC North.  I'm sure we all wonder what could have been, but I am more than happy with Aaron Rodgers.  I look forward to the future... and concentrating on Marquette Basketball now.

Oh... and F the Badgers!

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