Monday, December 22, 2008

QatB Poll of the Day:

Considering Green Bay is already out of the playoff running are we still hoping for Green Bay victories over the Bears and Lions or are we hoping to lose out and in doing so improve our draft position?

Personally, I wouldn't mind tanking and throwing our backup QB's out there to get some actual game experience. Here's to tanking like the Miami Heat of '07-'08.


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

I'd love for A-Rodge to throw 10 TD passes and spread them out between jennings and drive so I can place 3rd in both my fantasy leagues. I'd hate to be a 1/2 seed in both and finish 4th and out of the money (or atleast my money back) in both leagues.

but if MU wins, I could care less about the Pack tonight.

Rubie Q said...

Tanking wouldn't improve our draft position all that much. These teams have worse records than the Packers:

Detroit: 0-15
St. Louis: 2-13
Kansas City: 2-13
Cincinnati: 3-11-1
Seattle: 4-11
Oakland: 4-11
Cleveland: 4-11
Jacksonville: 5-10

So, we'd be drafting ninth right now. We're not going to lose more games than Detroit, St. Lou, or KC, Cincy has the tie, and the teams that have 11 losses play: at Arizona (Seattle), at Tampa (Oakland), and at Pittsburgh (Cleveland), so they'll all be 4-12. (I guess Seattle might win. The team seemed pretty fired up to play for the 'Stache yesterday.)

So ... we're looking at moving up to eighth, in a best case scenario, right? Versus ninth or tenth if we don't tank?

Yeah, I vote for playing the starters who are still healthy. Besides, Rodgers has had to put up with so much nonsensical shit from idiot Packer fans this year that I don't want him burdened with the "Your team couldn't even beat the Lions!" bullshit, too.

EMoney said...

If we win out we have the potential to fall back to the #12 slot (although I don't know what the tiebreak scenarios are). There can be a substantial difference in talent between 8 and 12. Although in the end I guess it doesnt really matter because Ted will probably trade out of the 1st round anyways. I hear he's got his eye on a kid from Mount Union that he can't wait to reach for......steal of the draft

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

you mean the Mount Union kid that just went down with an ACL tear? he should be 100% by week 2 next year, but before that he was rising quickly up Mel's Big Board.