Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Very Frustrated

Tennessee isn't very good, they were missing their 2nd best player and we still got whupped.  I'm extremely worried about the Big East season.
  1. Guard oriented line-up, but we can't shoot
  2. We have no depth
  3. We have no front line talent
  4. We can't defend w/o fouling
  5. Lazar, our best "post player" is a paper tiger


Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

ok glass half empty...we got whupped? seriously? we were in this game til the last minute. i have the same concerns that you do but I'm definitely not worried. sure they were missing their second best player but they had a few players step up tonight. wyane chism...free throws and some 3's are you kidding me. that lefty three from the corner was a dagger. we didn't have one of our best players for a lot of the second half due to fouls. they called that game very tight which for a team that's trying to be physical with a bigger physical team is going to cause problems. Wes is a stud and I think we gave one hell of any effort against a team that is a horrible match-up for us.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I really only saw the game being called "tight" one way for most of the game. How many times did we turn it over because there was a lot of contact on the perimeter? A lot. We got some crap calls against us. McNeal's third was complete BS. He barely touched the guy on a rebound. About two trips later down the court Wes is just about knocked over getting a pass and no call. F those douchbag refs. I'm so... I'm not sure. I don't feel right though.

Rubie Q said...


See above.

Zone Defense is for Pussies said...

more on chism...from all accounts he's a lazy unmotivated thug. but he played out of his mind tonight.

3 for 15 from 3 hits 2 of 5
was a 55% free throw shooter goes 8 for 11.
first ever double double for a 6-9 junior.
averaging 10 points per game this season goes off for 26.

that in itself makes up for missing their second best player.

EMoney said...

Alot to say about this game, but 1 word that comes to mind that can sum the whole thing up.....FRUSTRATING! 5 minutes into the game, i thought to myself, wow.....these refs are going to let them play tonight (1st whistle almost 5 min's in). This after seeing our guards get bumped all over the place and hand checked like crazy, causing/nearly causing a turnover, with no whistle to be found. I was fine with that as long as it was consistent the rest of the way out. Approximately 35 minutes and 52 fouls later we're done.

In spite of all of this, 1. I can't put the loss on the refs and 2. I disagree with your skepticism on the rest of the season.

Point 1. While defensively Tenn is great(big, fast, and athletic), we simply helped the situation by shooting far too many 3's. I can see why they shyed away from it initially as every time they tried 3 defenders would collapse and close the lane. However, Wesley demonstrated how possible it was in the 2nd half.....IF THEY WORKED FOR IT. It was diffucult but plausible, and he got rewarded for it big time last night (18 or so FT's). Pearl even made a comment going into the locker room at half and said something along the lines of....if they're going to keep shooting them, we're going to let them. So essentially we played right into their hands by jacking up jumpers and shooting at a poor percentage.

Also, in spite of how poor we shot, how much foul trouble we were in, how little Jerel played, we STILL had a 3 pt lead with roughly 12 to play. That is until Dom fouled that gangster with the white head band(oh wait a min) while shooting a 3 as the shot clock expired, followed by the no call on the other end, followed by the technical foul, followed by we're f'd. We even cut it to 2 with 3 to play. So essentially we had the opportunity to pull this one out, but weren't "heady" enough to make it happen.

Point 2 - Regarding D3's skepticism....see previous paragraph. 1) Tennessee is a talented team......tall, long, athletic, and defensive minded....a bad matchup for us to say the least. 2) While it was a "neutral" site....kiss my ass that was a road game. 3) The refs were atrocious last night, took us out of the game, yet we still had a very good opportunity to win it. 4)Wayne Chism was a STUD last night. He overachieved immensely behind the 3pt line and at the FT line. If he's avg, we probably win that game. 5) While Fulce and O'Tule aren't exactly going to be saviors, having their bodies in about 2 weeks is going be a big help in the depth department. While a bunch of the whistle were b.s. last night, I think that a # of them that we committed in the 2nd half were due to fatigue. We need to give our guys a blow once in a while...especially against deep and athletic teams like Tennessee. Getting them back WILL help once conference play rolls around.

So while last night sucked....it's not a bad loss. It would have been a nice resume builder but we won't get punished for it. We took care of Wisconsin, so if we can beat NC St (which I think we will), we will have gone 2-1 in those 3 games which was essentially all of our expectation going into December. While I don't think we are going to rip through the Big East, we aren't going to be that bad either. As long as our core stays healthy and we get the other guys back we will be fine...meaning we will probably go about 9-7 or 10-6 in Conference in my opinion. If we can take care of our "soft" early part of the Big East season, we can go into the last ~3 weeks confident and high in the standings.

Where the hell is Cubillan?