Monday, December 1, 2008

Why I'm Worried

Apparently, if I text a certain person on this board and say that we don't look like a tournament team, that means that I'm jumping ship. Never mind the fact that I actually attended the game, which was a convenient 1 1/2 hours from MKE and there were plenty of tickets available. So, personal shots aside, I'm concerned about this team. Let's list the reasons:
  • No post presence whatsoever - if we get beat on dribble penetration, it's clear sailing to the tin. Some have said that Dayton had a great night and were shooting the lights out. While they shot over 50%, you should when the vast majority of your shots are inside of 10 feet
  • Poor perimeter defense - no way, no how should Dayton's A-10 guards beat the Big 3 repeatedly off the dribble. We spend too much damn time lunging and reaching for steals. This puts our guards back on their heels - you can't defend that way
  • No reliable outside shooting - you have to be able to shoot when you have a guard oriented team. We can't shoot from the outside, yet we continue to launch 3's
  • No bench help - Acker and David have been a disappointment to say the least. Fulce and Otule are hurt, but really, how much can we expect out of those two? The good news is that we don't play on consecutive days until the BET, so the fatigue shouldn't be a big factor. Even so, the lack of points off the bench in glaring. If we reach 80 points, we'll win 80% of the time. To reach 80, we need 20 from each of the Big 4. Where else will the points come from?
  • Coaching - Dayton ran the same play - dribble penetration with their big sealing off one side of the court. We didn't adjust. No zone, no sagging on defense even though Dayton went 0-24 from 3 the night before. Buzz got worked. Now before you all say that I should give him a chance - I am giving him a chance you apologists - all I'm saying is that he got outcoached on Saturday and I worry that will happen again

Don't have more time for further "analysis" but Saturday's game showed several issues that concern me from a macro level. The games against UW, UT and NC State will show a lot. Hopefully we can take 2 of 3 and head into BE play with 2 L's and some lessons learned.

Until next time, FUCK THE BADGERS!!

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